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Buddy Punch Aims to Prioritize Employee Safety with Contactless & Remote Time Tracking


Grandville, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/16/2020 --Buddy Punch, a leading time and attendance solution, announced several new features to help private and public businesses ensure employees' health and safety as the battle against COVID-19 continues.

These new features consist of a contactless punch option that allows an employee to scan a QR code to punch time and a required note to capture essential information - including COVID-19 symptoms or an employee's temperature. What's more, Buddy Punch time clock software has been focusing on improving remote time tracking capabilities to promote employees' safety and well-being.

Every business is responsible for providing workers with a safe and healthy workplace. To achieve this, the CDC recommends that organizations conduct daily health checks and have processes in place which prioritize employee safety. Buddy Punch clock software can meet these requirements by allowing employers to do the following:

- Ensure employees are healthy when they report to work. A required note on punch can capture possible COVID-19 related symptoms, including temperature.

- Reduce the spread of COVID-19. A contactless punch option allows employees to punch in or out without having any physical contact with their time tracking device.

- Encourage employees to work from home. Improved remote time tracking capabilities allow employees to work from home and accurately track their time.

"In an ever-changing business landscape, it can be challenging for organizations to create a safe working environment. That is precisely why Buddy Punch has developed features to help prioritize employee safety," said Eric Czerwonka, Co-Founder of Buddy Punch time clock software. "By complementing our current time monitoring tools with a contactless option, we're helping businesses focus on employee well-being, eliminate the need for high-touch devices, and improve productivity."

"When employees are working remotely, there is always the concern they're not being paid accurately for their time. With our improved remote time tracking capabilities, employees, no matter where they're located, can rest assured that their time is being tracked and will be paid accurately for their efforts."

As the workplace continues to evolve, so will Buddy Punch time clock software. They're actively listening to their customers to determine potential pain points or safety concerns and taking action to ensure those concerns are addressed in the form of valuable time tracking features.

For more information, visit https://buddypunch.com.

About Buddy Punch
Buddy Punch is a customer-focused time tracking and scheduling solution that allows employees to punch in or out from any internet-connected device and any location. Buddy Punch ensures accountability and accuracy with robust features such as GPS tracking, overtime alerts, facial recognition, and payroll integrations. Buddy Punch is a favorite amongst small and medium-sized businesses as well as accounting professionals.

Eric Czerwonka
Co-Founder, Buddy Punch