Budget Cuts Targeting Education Make Easy Scholarshps More Appealing

During rough economic times, it could be hard to afford a quality education. Learn how EasyScholarshipsNow.com assists struggling college students stay in school.


Lansing, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/18/2012 --EasyScholarshipsNow.com continues to offer ways for college students to stay above water despite budgets from lawmakers that threaten education. This site provides lists of scholarships covering sweepstakes, no essay, low GPA scholarships and other easy scholarships while also being a great resource to read insightful articles on college financial topics.

As is the case with economic downturns, austerity measures are Capital Hill's way of getting the US back on track. Currently, our national debt is over 15 trillion dollars with each man, woman and child owing about $50,000 to foreign lenders. What does this mean to the average student? Tuition costs will likely rise putting a crunch on college finances. Tuition has already increased in Iowa (5-40%), Georgia (16%), Florida (15%) and Washington (10.8%) because of tight budgets.

Because of the Budget Control Act of 2011, lawmakers are required to cut spending significantly to outpace the debt that is constantly incurring. That means every program, including education, might see a few cuts over the next decade. This certainly doesn't bode well for college students who still have yet to graduate, and definitely not for those who haven't even enrolled yet. Being able to find easy scholarships when money is tight could make a huge difference making life tons easier. And that is the sole purpose of this site.

Here are a few more unsettling findings:

According to the Project on Student Debt, a student who graduated in 2010 carried an average debt of $25,250 which was up five percent from 2009. This organization offers great stats and resources for those who want to delve deeper into student borrowing.

A study conducted by Public Agenda, a non-profit research organization, found that drop-out rates were prevalent among students who had to work to support themselves through college. Mark Kantrowitz, financial expert and publisher for Fastweb and Finaid, detailed this in an article for Fastweb.

An Associated Press-Viacom poll reported that money issues were among the top reasons students considered dropping out. This poll offers great insight on what students are feeling and thinking on major issues.

Traditional scholarships obviously help many people yet can be highly competitive and require stringent eligibility requirements. With conditions the way they are, the ability to find quick and easy scholarships fast is imperative for some to stay in school and attain a degree. There are a number of other ways, besides scholarships, to keep your finances in check. Using free budgeting software can help a ton and instill good fiscal responsibility, knowing where to purchase textbooks can save a buck here and there and choosing the right credit cards that offer the biggest cashback rewards for students all are sound practical things that give you extra spending money.

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