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Budget Home Services Now Offers Air Conditioner Repair in Houston

Budget Home Services, which has been operating in the Houston area for more than 26 years, is adding air conditioner repair to its growing list of essential home services. Its trained technicians and managers are available for free estimates, scheduled yearly maintenance and assessments, and all installation and repair needs. They are a highly rated service, with a high rate of customer satisfaction and competitive pricing for its customers without hidden fees or charges.


The Woodlands, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/21/2018 --Budget Home Services is a full-service plumbing and gas installation repair service, serving the greater Houston area and surrounding cities. They are now proud to offer new air conditioning and HVAC system services for its customers in the Houston area, including Cypress and Katy, Texas. The new services include air conditioner and HVAC system repairs, installation, recommendations for new units or systems and, regularly scheduled maintenance.

Budget Home Services recognizes that living without a working air conditioner in Houston can be a particularly difficult ask. If your unit stops working in the winter or spring, you might be able to bear a few days without the unit, but by the time summer is in full swing, it may be unbearable to live without it. The company also knows that improperly installed or maintained systems can significantly increase your energy bills. Its continued commitment to customer satisfaction, reducing costs, and prolonging the life of each customer's unit or system makes Budget Home Services one of the most reliable plumbing and ac repair companies in the Houston area.

The owners and managers at Budget Home Services also recognize that air conditioning and HVAC systems are expensive to install and replace, and customers want to get the most out of their systems before having to replace them. That is why Budget Home Services has decided to roll out its newest services to Houston-area customers. The new services will provide the same great level of service that Houstonians have come to expect from the business. These include free estimates, price quotes over the phone, and no hidden charges when service technicians visit customer homes.

Regular Maintenance and Customer Education

In addition, Budget Home Services is known for its commitment to customer education. As part of the new service roll-out, it has also set up a helpful education page where customers can learn how to shop for competitive prices among leading heating and cooling systems. They can also explore maintenance tips they can follow to keep their heating and cooling systems in good working order, and a list of the most common issues they may have with their systems.

As part of Budget Home Services continuing commitment to providing the best quality customer care, these informational tools were created to make sure that the customers have the ability to understand and identify any issues before they become huge problems and be comfortable discussing and diagnosing any issues when a technician arrives. They are also meant to show the commitment the company has to provide the best possible preventative care for customers. It acknowledges that customers don't want to call for every little problem, and there are many steps that customers can take themselves when it comes to air conditioning and HVAC maintenance and upkeep.

Some of the recommended steps customers can take include regularly checking their filters, regularly cleaning the system, and replacing parts. Dirty or clogged filters can significantly impact the efficiency of the system, and simply making regular checks to your system, you can reduce your energy use by up to 15%. Other simple tips to increase efficiency and cut down on costly maintenance or repairs are draining the condensate drains, checking to make sure the unit's coil fins are firmly in place, and regularly sweeping around the air conditioner coils.

Regular Maintenance

As part of the new services being rolled out in Houston, customers will also be able to schedule annual inspections. The inspections cover a laundry list of assessments that will ensure customers' units are working efficiently. Technicians will check and test refrigerant levels, remove any free-flowing refrigerant, which will reduce potential harm to the environment, and assess the accuracy of the thermostat.

The technicians will also help educate customers on how to maintain their systems and provide simple training to improve the efficiency of their systems.

A Continued Commitment to Excellence

Budge Home Services is committed to providing the best possible service for its customers. The owners and managers recognize that not every problem requires a technician, but that when they do, customers should have the peace of mind that they are getting the best service at the most reasonable prices. All new services come with the same assurance that customers will never be charged for trips or estimates and that the company's licensed and insured technicians will provide the highest level of service.

To learn more about Budget Home Services ac repair services in the Houston area, and to get started on learning how to perform your own maintenance and upkeep visit http://budgethomeservices.com.

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Budget Home Services is a leading provider of home repair solutions to the Houston, TX and surrounding areas. They specialize in pipe repair, gas line servicing, sewer repair and replacement, toilet repair and installation, water heater installation, clogged drains, and now air conditioning repair. Founded in 1992, Budget Home Services is a family-owned and operated business. Its professional crew of plumbers and air conditioning are fully licensed and insured, and the company maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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