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Budget Home Services Now Offers Re-Pipe Services to Houston Area

Customers seeking re-piping services in the Houston, Cypress, and Katy, Texas areas can now call Budget Home Services to get a free estimate or have a service technician visit their home or apartment right away.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/21/2018 --Budget Home Services is a leading providing of plumbing, gas, air condition, and HVAC solutions in the Houston, TX area. Founded in 1992, it remains family-owned and operated, and provides excellent service for a variety of installation and maintenance projects for both residential and commercial properties.

The company knows that there are many reasons that customers need to replace the water pipes in their homes or businesses. Many of them are simply beyond the control of the customer, such as damage from a fire, frozen pipes in the winter, digging into pipes during a landscaping project, or most common aging homes where the pipes have simply become worn out.

When to Call Budget Home Services

In addition to emergency repairs and circumstances like accidents or disasters, there are many times when customers should call for re-piping services in Houston. If you are experiencing rust-colored water, low water pressure, hot water problems, or leaks and floors are all reasons you should call Budget Home Services right away. Rusting pipes can make the water taste bad and affect your other appliances, such as laundry or dishwasher, leading to further repairs. Low water pressure is often the result of leaks. Losing hot water suddenly can be the result of improper piping, and leaks often lead to significantly higher water bills.

The Budget Home Services plumbing contractors and technicians can fix all these problems and also provide customers with valuable education about how to maintain their piping after the job is completed. The company is also excited to announce the newest innovations in re-piping, PEX piping, which can last for more than 20 years after installation and provides numerous advantages over traditional galvanized piping. The company stands by the technology and has made dozens of PEX installations already. Technicians are trained to discuss the advantages of this new form of piping with customers.

When you need re-piping work, for residential or commercial properties, Budget Home Services is the first number any customer should call to get a re-piping estimate and inspection.

Taking Care of the Customer

The company is proud to offer re-pipe services to its list of provided services. The company's plumbing technicians are fully insured and union-licensed professionals and they have years of experience in the plumbing industry. The company consistently receives the highest ratings on the Bureau of Better Business, which is an A+, and other online platforms, such as Yelp, where Budget Home Services was recently named among the Top 10 Home Services Companies operating in the Houston area.

The company's philosophy is "Take good care of customers… and they will take good care of you." The company has stood by this commitment to the best possible customer care, for more than a quarter of a century. The technicians work tirelessly with customers to ensure that every stage of the project is carried out to their exact desires.

To learn more go to https://www.budgethomeservices.com/plumbing-services/re-pipe-houston.

Educating the Customer

In addition to the company's new re-piping services, Home Budget Services also remains committed to providing quality education to its customers. Plumbing gets a bad reputation as an industry that tries to sneak in hidden costs and keep customers in the dark about the ins and outs of projects. However, since its founding, the company has been a leading provider of education to its customers and its new re-piping services is no different. The website is updated whenever there are innovations made, and there are a variety of articles about different aspects of plumbing and piping that customers can access.

These articles provide not only education about what the customer can expect, but also helpful tips and suggestions for how they can help to maintain their piping without the help of our experienced technicians. While the company stands by its quality work, it is also committed to being transparent with the customers, so that they feel comfortable knowing when they can fix something themselves and when the problem is big enough that they should call for estimates or repairs.

In addition to educating their customers, Budget Home Services does not add any hidden costs or fees to projects. Each site visit or quote is free, and customers are welcome to browse the website to see what recent repair estimate pricing has been, whether it is a whole house new installation or just re-piping an existing system in a residential or commercial building.

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Budget Home Services is a leading provider of home repair solutions to the Houston, TX and surrounding areas. They specialize in pipe repair, gas line servicing, sewer repair and replacement, toilet repair and installation, water heater installation, clogged drains, and now air conditioning repair. Founded in 1992, Budget Home Services is a family-owned and operated business. Its professional crew of plumbers and air conditioning are fully licensed and insured, and the company maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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