Build a Unique, Customized Fidget Toy and Add an Element of Surprise with Busy Builders


Corona, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/21/2017 --A new fidget toy craze is about to sweep the land. It combines the concept of a blind bag, or surprise gift, and a unique, customized fidget toy. Busy Builders is the creation of Jason Patison, Founder and Creator of Busy Builders, who came up with the idea for a personalized fidget toy with the help of his daughter, Kayden.

"Those who have collected baseball cards, Pogs, or any other collectable item inside a blind bag will know the excitement of ripping into the bag to reveal the hidden gift," said Patison. "You can collect them all for endless building possibilities, or trade with your friends."

To begin building a Busy Builder fidget spinner, a starter block can be purchased from Kickstarter for $2. The cube-shaped foundation block has recesses on each side to enable add-ons, which are also $2 and come in sealed bags. Each add-on has its own plug to attach it to the starter block.

One add-on consists of two ball bearing wheels which are added to each opposite side of the Busy Builder. This turns the Busy Builder into a fidget spinner, an object that can be rotated on a flat surface or in the palm of the hand to keep fidgeting hands and fingers occupied. Fidget spinners and fidget cubes can promote a feeling of calm and aid concentration in people that feel reassured by having something in their hands to click, twist, pull or spin.

Currently, add-ons include:

1. Multi-colored LED lights to turn the Busy Builder into a spinning light show.
2. A keychain ring to hang a Busy Builder from car keys or bags.
3. Dice buttons, which are buttons which can be depressed by fingers to create a satisfying pop.
4. Clickers to roll, spin or to pretend to count strikes at the ball game.
5. A joystick which can be moved around, up, down, left and right.
6. An on off switch to replicate the flick of a light switch.
7. Block adaptors to link multiple blocks together to create an even bigger Busy Builder.
8. Ball bearing spinner

Seven different colors are available: black, white, orange, pink, green, blue, and one out of 100 pieces will be limited edition, glow-in-the-dark. New pieces will be added in Spring 2018.

Busy Builders are available on Kickstarter with starter kits that include enough parts to build a complete six-sided Busy Builder and many money saving offers for bulk buyers.