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Building Your Success System: Powerful New eBook

Stop thinking about goals and start thinking about the journey


Milton Keynes, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/18/2020 --We are told to focus on goals, although they can be useful, they can also mean frustration and disappointment. This eBook will help you develop a success system which will help you move towards success and fulfilment more quickly and with greater satisfaction.

NLP trainer and stakeholder coach, Michael Beale, Director Business NLP Ltd, has released a new eBook on how to have a more successful and fulfilled life by setting up a success system.

The problem with goals - Goals and milestones, when used correctly, can help us achieve key steps on our journey. However over reliance on goals can lead us to be depressed when we don't achieve them, and even lead us to feel let down when we achieve them, as they often don't lead to the fulfilment we expect.

Why systems work better - Systems can work significantly better. We can aim towards what we really want (and it's really worth daring to dream), and ensure that every day we invest our time, energy and attention so that we move forward.

In addition the eBook shows us how to set up feedback and feed-forward loops, so we always know how we're doing, and always get ideas of how we can improve what we're doing, (although it's our choice if we choose to implement them or not.) This puts us on a path to continually improve.

eBook Content

Chapter 1 – The book I'd wish I'd read earlier
Chapter 2 – Concepts and Principles
Chapter 3 – Success Systems vs Goals
Chapter 4 – Building Your Success System
Chapter 5 – Putting It All Together

Each section within each chapter has key learning point (s) and an exercise for those that want to implement what they've learnt.

Where to buy the eBook?
The eBook is available to buy from Amazon: Building Your Success System, the investment is £3.50 or $4.40, depending on your location.

What else?
An online course is available for those that want to take the concept further: See Building Your Success System Online Course. The eBook includes a $45 coupon towards the $95 course.

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About Michael
Michael is a Richard Bandler certified NLP trainer and coach trainer, and a Marshall Goldsmith certified leadership and team coach. Want to know more? Book a session in: Michael's online diary.