The New Pandemic - Long-Term Effects of Bullying



Odense, Denmark -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/04/2020 --"National Center For Educational Statistics; In 2017, about 20 percent of students ages 12–18 reported being bullied at school during the school year. Of students ages 12–18"

Children, and teenagers all over the world, have been suffering from a terrible pandemic, since the beginning of time, without adults really noticing, problem is that this virus has long-term brain, and hormone effects.

"Katie Hurley, LCSW Says; With immediate and proper mental health treatment and support systems in place, victims can stave off some of the potential long-term consequences of bullying. Without intervention, however, kids are at risk for the following:

- Chronic depression
- Increased risk of suicidal thoughts, suicide plans, and suicide attempts
- Anxiety disorders
- Post-traumatic stress disorder
- Poor general health
- Self-destructive behavior, including self-harm
- Substance abuse
- Difficulty establishing trusting, reciprocal friendships and relationships

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Everybody can think of the brain, has three areas, PLUS one stresshormone that we must decrease, these three areas are the Supramarginal Gyrus, the center of our compassion, the prefrontal cortex, our logic, especially our Infralimbic cortex, and the amygdala area, our fear-center.

Problem is that our fearcenter, and our drive center sometimes controls our whole being, creating excess stresshormone, and selfishness, you may have seen it in other people's children, or even your own.

"A research team headed by Tania Singer from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences has discovered that our own feelings can distort our capacity for empathy. This emotionally driven egocentricity is recognised and corrected by the brain. When, however, the right supramarginal gyrus doesn't function properly or when we have to make particularly quick decisions, our empathy is severely limited"

Bullying in schools, comes from the assumption of competition, in educational centers, creating fear, or too much drive, building hierachies, cliques, and powerplays, destroying many children's lives, the children that become infected with the fear virus."

Many people are looking for a vaccine, against the fear virus, and we have it, in our hands now, or rather in our Supramarginal Gyrus, where our compassion towards other people live.

This means that the weakening of our good brain areas, and hormones, and the strenghening of our problematic brain areas, and hormones, long-term can be transformed, like with a vaccine.

This vaccine must come from parents, and other grownups, bringing children into, and up in the world. There is an amazing lack of usage of the vaccine, against life destroying PTSD, in children growing up fearfull, and incomplete.

The antibodies against the fear virus, through the vaccine, could get into enough hands, hands of important grownups, to really make a difference.

This child health, and later grownup pandemic, is cruel, since many people do not get their important exam papers, and end up in a lonely, fearfull, sad existance.

"A study conducted by the University of Virginia showed that kids who attend a school with a severe climate of bullying often have lower scores on standardized tests. Bullying even impacts students who witness it. For instance, kids scored lower on standardized tests in schools with a lot of bullying than kids in schools with effective anti-bullying programs.

Compassion is very different from empathy, in that people with empathy, see a person, in pain, takes on the feelings, and then do nothing, whereas people with compassion, see the same person, distance herself from the feelings, and do something that changes the fate of the person, in pain.

"National Center For Educational Statistics; about 13 percent reported being the subject of rumors; 13 percent reported being made fun of, called names, or insulted; 5 percent reported being pushed, shoved, tripped, or spit on; and 5 percent reported being excluded from activities on purpose. Additionally, 4 percent of students reported being threatened with harm, 2 percent reported that others tried to make them do things they did not want to do, and 1 percent reported that their property was destroyed by others on purpose"

Product Platform
Anti-Bullying Blog
Anti-Bullying Youtube Channel
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We are a danish company, from Odense, spreading the amazing Anti-Bullying message. We are placed, in the middle of Scandinavia. We deal with The Neurobiological Understanding Of Bullying Injuries, Neuroleadership Exercises, To Heal Bullying Injuries, and we are using Kim Johannesen's story of life after 6 years of bullying, to market the video courses, we sell. Our main goal is to show, a scientific way to heal bullying injuries, and share a personal bullying story, so that parents, seriously help children, and teenagers, avoid, or deal with bullying.

Hi My Name Is Kim From Denmark!
Hi, My Name Is Kim, And I Come From Denmark, In Scandinavia. I Am A 6 Year Bullying Survivor...