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BULLYosophy - a New Philosophy About Bullying That Focuses on Self-Worth as the Solution

A fusion of creative and pragmatic solutions to bullying.


Singer Island, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/18/2015 --BULLYosophy, the brainchild of Deborah Weed, Founder of the Self-worth Initiative, LLC, is a fusion of creative and pragmatic solutions to bullying. The way that Carly Fiorina is handling Donald Trump's comments about her face is the perfect example of BULLYosophy. Instead of shrinking and not speaking up, Fiorina is standing up to Trump and using his insults against him. Imagine what would happen if our children had enough self-worth to do the same thing when they encountered bullying at school.

While most people are trying to stop bullying, BULLYosophy is a new philosophy that wants to imbue both the bullied and the bullies with a healthy dose of self-esteem. That way, the bullied would not believe all the demeaning things that a bully says and a bully would not feel the need to pick on someone else to feel good about themselves. The Self-worth Initiative, LLC, wants people ages, three to 103, to become part of the conversation by sharing their best ideas on the "Your BULLYosophy" page on the Self-worth Initiative site at:

"My vision is to create a virtual round table where children, parents, educators, politicians and celebrities come up with solutions for bullying. The goal is to focus on how to build self-worth to empower our youth and ourselves," said Weed. The first phase of BULLYosophy is to start a dialogue that brings everyone together. From Weed's perspective, we all have answers because most of us have either been bullied or a bully at one time of our lives.

We all watch the news in horror as a teen uses a gun to act out. It is impossible to stand by and look the other way. BULLYosophy is an easy way to be part of the solution and to help create a new way of doing things. The old way is not working!

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The mission of the Self-worth Initiative, LLC, is to inspire 1.7 million people, ages 3 to 103, to reclaim their self-worth so that lives will be empowered to reach their fullest potential. Why 1.7 million people? Go to to find out.