BumBee Designs Incorporated Seeks Equity Crowdfunding for the Bumbee Seat

The BumBee Seat is a fresh, fun & flexible design created in Silicon Valley where blending work & play is a way of life!


Silicon Valley, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2019 --For many years there have been mobile mechanics seats and creepers in the marketplace. The rolling seat designs allow an individual to roll around a car while seated at an average seat height. The creeper designs allow an individual to position themselves on their back and roll under a car for servicing. Additionally, there have been various rolling garden seat designs in the marketplace that typically have large wheels and that can be very heavy and don't provide adequate range of motion to provide comfort from different angles, especially when one needs to be on their knees, which could lead to health and safety concerns.

The BumBee Seat eliminates the risks of knee injuries and makes work and play a pleasure. The BumBee Seat is a crossover product that represents a new product category; "recreational utility seating". Garage, garden, office and recreational use will represent the largest market segments. "The BumBee Seat" crosses over into all of these categories representing tens of millions of consumers.

Featuring their patented adjustable RUSS (recreational utility seat system) design, The BumBee Seat is perfect in the office, at home, on the deck, in the garden or the garage or even a tailgating party or barbecue.

Bumbee's successful Kickstarter campaign provided crucial market validation; BumBee Seat owners are using their BumBee Seats for the garden, garage, tailgating, custom outdoor seating by the BBQ, dog grooming, ranch chores, tractor, aircraft and motorcycle maintenance, indoor and outdoor projects, art and photo studios, video gaming and fun extra mobile seating for the office that is easy to fold flat and store when not in use. Satisfied customers are in the United States and Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia and even beyond.

Equity crowdfunding is sought to roll out a three-year business plan to bring the Bumbee to market in large quantities.

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