Young Amano DDS

Burbank Dentist Experiencing Steady Increase in Invisalign Patients

Young Amano, DDS, sees increasing amounts of patients who are undergoing the Invisalign procedure as years of positive results are yielding higher interest


Burbank, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/31/2014 --Burbank, California dentist Dr. Young Amano, DDS, who has offered the advanced Invisalign system to patients for years at his practice, has noted a steady increase in interested patients and successful experiences for those who’ve undergone the Invisalign treatment. Initially, Dr. Amano was interested in the procedure but wanted to experience it firsthand. The results are on display in his office and help encourage interested patients to try Invisalign for themselves. Having offered his patients Invisalign for many years, Dr. Amano has earned Preferred Provider status.

Invisalign is described as a virtually invisible method of straightening teeth without the application of metal braces, wiring, brackets or apparatus. Instead, Invisalign patients benefit from a series of clear plastic aligners. These aligners are engineered to gently and gradually correct teeth placement with precision and a minimum of pain and fatigue with which traditional metal braces are associated. The clear plastic material allows the patient and the doctor to more easily view the progress being made. The aligners are replaced every few weeks to maintain a constant, non-traumatic straightening experience until the teeth are in place as prescribed by the doctor at the beginning of treatment. With the advent of 3D imagining technology used in Dr. Amano’s practice, patient and doctor can get a specific understanding of the current position of the teeth and where the ideal positioning would be after Invisalign treatment.

Each set of temporary aligners is removed to eat, drink, brush, and floss. Patients see their dentists every 6 weeks or so to ensure progress is positive and teeth are moving according to plan. Total length of treatment for the Invisalign system is estimated at 9-15 months, with the new aligner sets being changed out between 18 and 30 times, with results varying by case. Aligner sets are created by trained staff at the practice using guidance provided by advanced 3D imagining. Ideal patients for the Invisalign procedure are adults and teens who require adjustments ranging from minor improvements to more exhaustive realignments. Invisalign has proven successful at treating crowded teeth, or teeth spaced too widely. Invisalign can also help relieve more complex jaw and mouth issues, including overbites, under-bites and cross-bites. Dr. Amano has discovered that the Invisalign system can be employed in a variety of treatment scenarios. To learn more about Invisalign and Dr. Amano’s practice, visit