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Burial Insurance for Baby Boomers

Total Insurance Solutions Now Offers Burial Insurance To Baby Boomers Living In Alabama


Birmingham, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/07/2020 --We're excited to be able to announce that Total Insurance Solutions is now providing final expense insurance policies to baby boomers living across the state of Alabama.

Final expense insurance is one of the most affordable options for life insurance as you grow older. It's an option that is designed to provide protection to those left behind and will cover funeral costs as well as medical expenses related to end of life care. Burial insurance can be used to pay for expenses left behind, and this form of life insurance can give peace of mind to policyholders and those close to them.

Baby Boomers Final Expense
Almost 17% of residents living in Alabama are over the age of 65, and more than 18% are over the age of 60. Those born between 1946 and 1960 are at the age where their retirement plans are playing a major role in their lives, and making sure that they have good insurance coverage for end of life expenses is one of their main priorities.

There are several Alabama cities that are trending heavily for baby boomers including:
- Birmingham
- Montgomery
- Huntsville
- Mobile

Experts already estimate that the senior population in Alabama will increase by more than 80% over the next 25 years, and that means that those in the state will need to have a way to get a final expense life insurance policy that they can count on. Total Insurance Solutions now offers these policies to residents and allows them to get peace of mind knowing that their final expenses are covered completely with Alabama burial insurance.

Avoiding The Heavy Costs
Funeral expenses today can be incredibly high. The average funeral in America currently costs between $7,000 and $12,000 but can easily soar beyond those prices depending on the specifics of the funeral itself. Common costs associated with a funeral include things like:
- Casket
- Embalming
- Hearse
- Funeral home usage fees
- Transfer of body
- Service fees
- And more

Burial costs have increased by 20% since 2006, and the cost of burial expenses is one of the main reasons that Americans purchase a life insurance policy. But many family members don't realize just how expensive end of life costs can be. It can leave them struggling to come up with the money needed to cover all of the expenses, which is why a good final expense insurance policy for Alabama baby boomers is so important.

Thanks to Total Insurance Solutions, baby boomers and their loved ones will be able to find an affordable final expense insurance policy that fits their needs and alleviates the worry and stress associated with funeral costs.

About Total Insurance Solutions
At Total Insurance Solutions, the focus is on providing final expense insurance solutions to those in Alabama. Funeral costs shouldn't be something that is more stressful than the loss of a loved one, and getting the right policy can be a must as one ages.

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