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Bush Smarts Introduces the Backpack, the Definitive Outdoor Bag for a Weekend Adventure


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/28/2016 --Bush Smarts has introduced a rugged, lightweight flagship backpack that is tailor made to hold all a users gear for a weekend adventure. The project is currently live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The Bush Smarts Backpack solves three key pain points for aspiring adventurers- keeps gear dry, easily accessible, and comfortable to carry. The result is a backpack that is rugged, lightweight, and waterproof.

"Bush Smarts has always represented straightforward answers to backpacking equipment. My co-founder John and I are lifelong campers and backpackers and we worked in big-box outdoor retail; we know how confusing it is to know which is the "right" gear to buy and Bush Smarts cuts to the chase with the exact curation of what we think is the perfect kit of camping gear," says co-founder Kevin Sterling, "The Bush Smarts Backpack is our flagship piece, holding all of our gear line (or a mix of other companies'). We've walked through the bag with materials scientists, ultra marathoners and weekend warriors and they all agree that there's nothing else like it out there – in a great way."

The Bush Smarts Backpack is a case study in minimalist and simplistic design that works as good as it looks. There is simply one sealed seam, no zippers, and the straightforward roll-top / bottom closures makes our pack as waterproof as you can get (but don't use it as a PFD). The single seam is sealed with a laminated tape. The pack is made from X-Pac™ material, a high-performance, laminated fabric developed for racing yachts. It's a material that is considered bomb-proof, meaning it's both waterproof and rugged.

Packing (and unpacking) the Bush Smarts backpack is straightforward with just a large single compartment with a simple water-tight roll closure at the top and bottom, and an exterior pocket to hold your essential items. The outer pocket was built to replace the typical cap pouch that can make a pack top-heavy and awkward to access. Inside the main pack users can organize their gear in stuff sacks (clothes, food, emergency items) so when they reach camp everything is easy-to-access.

"No other bag on the market offers waterproof material, dual-access to top and bottom and comfortable construction in a weekend adventure backpack – while also being made in the USA," adds Sterling, "If you're the jet-setting type you can easily remove the shoulder harness to stow in the bag, and the top clips allow it to be locked if you're worried it will pop open. It's simple and flexible, allowing the Bush Smarts Backpack to become exactly the bag you need it to be."

The Bush Smarts Backpack is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/234zMdl

About Bush Smarts
Founded by John Davison and Kevin Sterling, Bush Smarts is a venture that combines over 40 years of camping, hiking, backpacking, bushcrafting, and outdoor experience with the goal of combining what they know and love for a new generation of urbanites and mountain men alike. Bush Smarts was born – the love child of tradition and performance, created not only to provide gear and know-how but also to fuel the imagination.

For more information on Bush Smarts please visit http://bushsmarts.com