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BusiNeighbor Inc. Participates in Georgia Gives Day

Be a Hero for Heroes


Stone Mountain, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/20/2015 --Do you know a Veteran? Veterans don't walk around wearing medals, or brag about what they have experienced. They live among us quiet heroes making the world a better place. Often these men and women aren't thanked enough, aren't honored enough, and aren't respected enough. Every Veteran has their own story. You can't see what they've seen, know what they know, or understand the impact and effects of war, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression. So how do you know when one needs help? According to the Veterans Administration 22 Veterans commit suicide daily.

BusiNeighbor Inc., a Georgia nonprofit organization wants to help Veterans returning home depressed and committing suicide. Many of the Veterans who take depression medication complain of side effects and feel like they have no support and have no alternative but suicide. The VA hospital is challenged with the volume of Veterans experiencing mental health issues.

BusiNeighbor Inc.'s mission is to be a partner with the Veterans Administration to reduce suicide among Veterans by offering a relaxing stress free environment which can be integrated with the Veterans' traditional medical treatment.

Decreasing Suicide Rates: A Plausible Solution.
Today marks an important first step towards the goal of opening the BusiNeighbor Inc. Veterans Recreation Center for all Georgia Veterans. Will you help BusiNeighbor Inc. open a Veterans Recreation Center? BusiNeighbor Inc. believes in the positive impact recreation can have on mental health, from reducing depression and relieving stress, to improving quality of life, to helping Veterans feel better about both their surroundings and themselves.

The power of 1 can save a life. Help prevent suicide. I pray for this campaign's success and sincerely hope to see as many Veteran Recreation Centers as there are VA hospitals. We want to use Georgia Gives Day to be a hero for heroes and bring awareness to this very serious need" Charmelle Scott, Executive Director BusiNeighor Inc.

Georgia Gives Day is on November 12, 2015. Georgia Gives Day is a collaboration of the Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN) in partnership with participating nonprofits, state agencies, corporations and businesses, associations, foundations and public relations and advertising firms.

About BusiNeighbor Inc.
BusiNeighbor Inc. is a Georgia-based 501(c) (3) organization. BusiNeighbor Inc.'s philanthropic efforts include assistance to anyone those in need: homeless, single parents, elderly, and veterans. BusiNeighbor Inc. partners with a host of local organizations to foster a relationship based on compassion for a fellow neighbor.