Brits from London to Liverpool and Beyond Make Perfect Green Coffee a Big Hit in the UK


New Brunswick, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/22/2013 --One of the most popular green coffee bean extract nutritional supplements in the United States is also a huge hit in the UK. Orders from British consumers for USA made Perfect Green Coffee have been increasing steadily throughout the summer and continue to do so. So, now the UK is in a close tie with Canada, Switzerland and Australia as the second most popular destination for shipments of Perfect Green Coffee. Go here for more information about Perfect Green Coffee

So, the answer to the question where to buy green coffee bean extract in the UK is Perfect Green Coffee has been a widely successful brand in the US since it was first introduced in 2012 on, a leading international destination for news and information about health, nutrition and fitness as well as and shopping for specialty products, such as green coffee. In fact, has named the Perfect brand the best value green coffee bean product for quality and price.

There are a few distinct factors making Perfect Green Coffee a favorite among British and US shoppers. Perfect Green Coffee is a pure green coffee product with no additives or unnecessary ingredients. The only ingredient contained is green coffee bean extract with chlorogenic acid. The chlorogenic acid level is 50% making Perfect brand among the most potent green coffee supplements available anywhere. A certified testing lab in the US verifies the level of chlorogenic acid in Perfect Green Coffee. The ingredients labels and a sample of the certified testing results are posted on Websites offering nutritional supplements should always prominently display for consumers the product ingredients label and other pertinent data so that consumers can properly and easily evaluate products and does so with most all products it features.

In addition to the quality factor, Perfect Green Coffee is priced much better than most competitors. Many, if not most, green coffee supplements are priced from over $30.US dollars to in excess of $60 USD. But Perfect Green Coffee is priced below $25. at the 1 bottle price level and offers substantial quantity discounts starting at 25% to 35%. See details below. International customers often purchase at the 3, 6, or 12 bottle level in order get the quantity discounts which more than nicely offsets the higher international shipping costs. Shoppers from Great Britain will also be pleasantly surprised to find that shipping costs to the UK from the United States are passed through to consumers at very close to cost. has selected Perfect Green Coffee as the best brand for quality and price. Perfect Green Coffee is made in the USA from ingredients lab-tested for purity by a certified testing lab. The Certificate of Analysis showing the verified 50% chlorogenic level of Perfect Green Coffee is displayed on

All Perfect brand products including Perfect Green Coffee come with a customer satisfaction 100% money back guarantee so consumers can shop with risk-free confidence. Each bottle of Perfect Green Coffee contains 90 capsules per bottle, which is, on average, a one-month supply. The suggested dosage is one capsule three taken three times daily, and each capsule contains 400 mg of green coffee bean extract. Perfect Green Coffee has a verified chlorogenic acid level of 50% making it among the most potent available. It is a 100% pure product containing no added ingredients whatsoever.

Perfect Green Coffee and the other specialty supplements featured on ships to over 200 countries worldwide including Canada, Europe, Asia, Japan, Australia and more.

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