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Buyer Beware! Many Green Coffee Bean Supplements Do Not Contain Sufficient Amounts of Chlorogenic Acid to Produce Weight Loss

Independent researcher, ConsumerLab.com, discovered that 50% of green coffee bean supplements tested did not contain the expected ingredients to mimic results found in previous weight loss studies. The makers of GCB MAX confirm that the critical quantities of green coffee bean extract ingredients, as researched in weight loss studies, are found in their supplement.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/13/2014 --One of the recent newcomers to weight loss science is green coffee bean extract, or GCBE. Weight loss proponents of GCBE claim it helps with increased metabolism, balanced glucose (blood sugar levels) to reduce cravings, and prevents the body from storing unnecessary fat. The first conclusive test on the effectiveness of the extract for weight loss purposes was conducted in January 2012 for dosage levels at 700 and 1050 milligrams with the results published in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity. The findings were staggering. The study showed "significant reductions" in the areas of body weight, body mass index, percentage of body fat, and slightly lowered heart rates.

Unfortunately, testing and analysis by ConsumerLab.com revealed that 50% of eight off-the-shelf green coffee bean supplements did not contain detectable levels of green coffee bean extract, or lacked sufficient quantity of the green coffee bean extract to be effective for weight loss—with expected amounts falling far less than the 700 and 1050 milligram amounts used in the study.

"Although a GCBE supplement may be helpful, you can't trust every brand," said Tod Cooperman, M.D., President of ConsumerLab.com. "We often see a large percentage of products fail our tests when there is new demand for a supplement and a rush by companies to meet that demand—as with green coffee bean extract" (qtd. in ConsumerLab.com press release, "50% of Green Coffee Bean Supplements Don't Contain Expected Amounts of Ingredient for Weight Loss, According to ConsumerLab.com").

Consumers that fail to experience weight loss results should confirm whether the supplement they are using contains sufficient amounts of green coffee bean extract comparable to the amounts tested in studies.

However, not all companies cut corners. The makers of GCB MAX, a leading green coffee bean supplement company, we were pleased to confirm that their supplement ingredients contain the recommended levels of GCBE for use as a weight loss aid, when used as directed. "It's disappointing both to consumers and to the industry when companies cut corners in the production of products," responded Besim Hoda Spoke person . "However, we do not operate that way. The chlorogenic acid and GCA components in GCB MAX not only meet but slightly exceed the levels tested in the previous study."

The GCB MAX supplement includes:
- 50% chlorogenic acid
- GCA® (green coffee antioxidant) as the green coffee extract ingredient
- no additives (also vegetarian friendly)
- two 800 milligram doses taken twice daily for a total of 1600 milligrams

GCB MAX is available for purchase Green Coffee Bean .TV. The supplement is produced from two extracts in the bean, with one of them being the desired GCA®. The company stands behind the quality of their product and offers a 60 Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Green coffee beans are coffee seeds from the Coffea frutis plant in their raw, unroasted, and natural state. They contain many natural health benefits and have a history of use to reduce risk of glycemic disorders, such as diabetes, as well as addressing hypertension. There are no known side effects to GCBE at this time. Green coffee beans do include caffeine, and although presence is minimal, people who are allergic to caffeine or coffee should not use green coffee bean supplements.

For more information, customer testimonials, or to purchase the GCB MAX product, please visit the company’s website at http://green-coffee-bean.tv/.