Cabinet Hero Protects Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets from Water Damage and Wear and Tear


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/05/2018 --Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are under a lot of stress from day to day wear and tear. Because these are some of the most-used areas in people's homes, they require cabinets that can withstand heavy traffic. However, most home builders focus more on affordability than durability, resulting in cabinets that wear out over time. On top of that, kitchens and bathrooms are subject to high moisture in the air, which can damage cabinets even further.

Cabinet Hero is an innovative new product that aims to protect cabinets, helping them to look their best for many years. This simple device slides over the top of the cabinet door to protect the top edge from water, skin oils, spilled food and other contaminants. A lip at the bottom edge juts out a bit from the face of the cabinet, preventing water drops from trickling down the surface.

At this point, there are four different styles of Cabinet Hero. Each style can accommodate one of the most popular cabinet styles in modern homes. As the company grows, it is likely that it will develop new styles to suit other common cabinet configurations.

The Cabinet Hero door protectors are constructed from a translucent plastic. This way, they are virtually invisible once installed. The installation requires no tools or special equipment. The Cabinet Hero simply snaps into place at the top of the cabinet. Removal is just as easy and won't cause any damage to the cabinet doors.

Cabinet Hero has already designed the prototypes of the four initial styles and is ready to move forward with production. To achieve this goal, the creators have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $80,000. At the time of this release, the campaign had already generated more than $200 and will continue to run until July 12.

Those who contribute to the campaign can get a Cabinet Hero in the style of their choice for just $13. The first 50 backers to claim this reward will receive a two-for-one special, getting two Cabinet Heroes for the price of one. Backers can get multiple Cabinet Heroes in different sizes at higher contribution levels. Cabinet Hero expects to begin shipping rewards to backers by the end of October 2018.