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Cafaro Insurance Agency Offers Employee Benefits in Smithtown and Huntington, New York

If there is anything that attracts new employees, it has to be an employee benefits policy. Cafaro Insurance Agency offers employee benefits in Smithtown and Huntington, New York.


Smithtown, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/17/2019 --Retaining quality employees is far cheaper than finding, hiring and training new people. While hiring a new employee never guarantees that the individual would be a suitable fit for the position, engaging old quality employee eliminates such concerns. This is only possible when the company thinks about their welfare. Nearly 33% of companies improved their benefits packages in 2017.

The Society for Human Resource Management reports that 40% of employees consider seeking new employment, while 29% of those stated that better benefits were a significant reason for this consideration.

An expert employer should note the difference between employees and extraordinary employees. While the former is only concerned with his or her job, the latter works at a career. The second type of employee is difficult to find and even harder to keep. Quality individuals invest time, money, and effort into developing their skills necessary to excel at their chosen profession. Not to mention, they play a vital role in ensuring a successful journey.

Cafaro Insurance Agency has earned a stellar reputation for the design and implementation of employee benefits in Smithtown and Huntington, New York that attract and retain quality employees. The professional staff of the company is intimately familiar with the various options, insurance carriers, regulations, and individual differences that go into the actual design of each benefit package.

As an independent insurance agency, the company is not restricted to a single source for quality insurance solutions. Over the years, the company has been able to develop a relationship with some of the nation's famous insurance providers. They maintain a strong rapport with the top rated carriers, financially sound and reputable.

The company provides full service when it comes to a customized group benefit plans. The massive network of carriers and strong relationships enable them to take into consideration local area concerns as well as employees working anywhere.

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With years of experience, Cafaro Insurance Agency brings clarity and understanding to individual and group life, health and disability insurance. The agents have extensive knowledge of the multitude of products offered by the various carriers they represent.