Endre Selmeczy D.M.D.

California Dental Practice Specializes in Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Endre Selmeczy provides a full range of general, family, cosmetic and surgical dentistry with modern sedation methods for patients with diverse needs


Livermore, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/19/2014 --Dr. Endre Selmeczy of Livermore, California provides specialized sedation dentistry procedures for patients who require special treatment due to phobias or inability to react properly to sedation in other forms. For those with a fear of dentistry that prohibits them from seeking the proper frequency or level of care, Dr. Selemczy’s approach offers a comfortable experience free of discomfort and pain. Sedation dentistry allows the patient to sleep soundly through entire procedures, experiencing a level of carefully controlled sedation that removes awareness without deep unconsciousness.

Patients are revived easily, feeling refreshed after each finished procedure. Dentists can achieve several years’ worth of neglected procedures for patients in this state, which may be the case for those with a chronic fear of pain, dental procedures or needles, or who experience allergic reactions to certain drugs. The patient is completely comfortable throughout the treatment time.

Oral sedation begins with the patient taking a small sedative in pill form about an hour before the schedule procedure begins. Patients will need to have a companion, normally a friend or family member, to drive or accompany them to the office, as drowsiness will set in shortly after the pill is ingested. Upon arrival the patient will be quite sleepy. The caring staff then escorts the patient to a ‘comfort room’ where they’re reclined and tucked in. Each patient is connected to a monitor that allows close inspection of vital signs and comfort level.

Some patients may need to take another pill depending on the effectiveness of the first, to ensure the proper level of sedation. Once completely comfortable and fully sedated, Dr. Selmeczy and his team tend to the patient’s dental care needs. Once treatment is completed the patient’s companion returns them home, where they can continue with the rest of the day free of pain and stress.

About Sedation Dentistry
Sedation dentistry involves no intravenous connections or needles. Some more advanced or complex dental procedures which can take as many as eight appointments without this type of sedation can be completes in as little as one or two visits. Some people who have difficulty getting the necessary level of numbness from gas or intravenous anesthetics will find that sedation dentistry eliminates this problem, reducing the fatigue of extended dental treatments and long, repeated visits. Ideal candidates for sedation dentistry have an extreme fear of dental treatment, have had traumatic dental experiences they don’t wish to repeat, have difficulty getting numb, have a severe gag reflex or very sensitive teeth or have complex dental problems, limited time to complete dental care, hate needles, shots, noises, smells, and tastes associated with dentistry or are simply afraid or embarrassed about their teeth.

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