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California Personal Injury Lawyers Launches to Make People Aware They Can Take Legal Action Against Cyber Bullies

Children who have suffered through cyber bullying should take legal action says California Personal Injury Lawyers


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/08/2016 --One in three students reported being bullied while at school, and now bullying has gone to a new level with more people hiding behind their computer and making people lives a misery through Cyber bullying. California Personal Injury Lawyers has launched a campaign to stamp out cyber bullying and to make people away that cyber bullying in California is a criminal offense. The personal injury experts have said that anyone who has been subjected to cyber bullying can take legal action against the culprits.

Cyber bullying is increasing in the USA and California according to US Department of Health and Human Services. A report published in 2015 stated that 52% of students said they had been cyber bullied. 33% of teens reported they had received cyber threats online, while 25% have been a victim through their cell phone.

A spokesman for California Personal Injury Lawyers said, "Even though cyber bullying is increasing, which includes 11% of students having embarrassing or damaging pictures taken of themselves without their permission and posted online, 52% had not notified their parents."

When a child suffers through bullying and cyber bullying, it can have a serious negative affect on their lives short term and long term. That includes, the student falling behind on their studies, failing exams and grades coming down. It can also result in a student suffering from stress, feeling alone, removing themselves from social gatherings as well as suffering from lack of confidence and long-term anxiety problems. Long term, it can affect a way a student grows up and slows down his or her progression into adulthood. Reports have found that those students who have suffered from being bullied have not achieved what they wanted to achieve out of life with many failing to progress in their chosen career.

California Personal Injury Lawyers want to see schools become safer for students and want parents to take legal action if their child has suffered at the hands of a cyber bully.

It is the responsibility of every school in the state, and it's the law to institute policies to stamp our bullying and cyber bullying. However, many parents lack confidence in schools and their ability and passion to make schools a safer environment for children. With bullying being a major problem in schools and children being left to feel vulnerable with no real support, it's no wonder why many parents have no confidence in schools implementing policies and taking action.

For those parents whose children have suffered through cyber bullying, California Injury Lawyers recommend they seek professional legal advice.

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