New Car Superstore

California Residents Can Now Order a Brand New Car from and Have It Delivered to Their Home the Same Day! Find out How and Why This Is Possible


Tarzana, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/03/2013 --After years of research and development ,here at New Car Superstore we are now able to offer our clients any make and model new vehicle at the lowest possible price and deliver this vehicle to their home or office within 48 hours. That is more than any car dealership will ever be able to do.

So how we do it? We have hundreds of dealerships under contract and we can basically pull from their inventory any vehicle, at our low fleet pricing. Dealers move inventory so they are happy, and we get the chance to offer an amazing service to the public, for a low fee of $399/vehicle.

So why would anyone still go through the grind and spend the average 6 hours per vehicle retail transaction? There is a small percentage of people that do like the "game" and think that maybe this time they will get the dealer at their own game. Reality is that car dealers play this game many times every day , while the average consumer only shops for a new car once every 2 years. So like Vegas, the house always wins.

“We primarily serve the Los Angeles area and even offer free delivery of new vehicles anywhere in Southern California. Actually most of our clients opt to have their new car delivered to their home instead of picking it up from the dealership. This only validates our theory that consumers those days don't want to spend 6 hours in a car dealership, not even for a purchase this important like a new automobile”

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