California Small Business Owners Favors Custom SEO Plans to Improve Google Ranking


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/19/2014 --More and more California-based businesses are opting for SEO plans that have been tailored and customized for their precise needs. This is in direct contrast to the current trend in SEO wherein many large SEO companies offer generic packages in their SEO services.

One particular SEO firm that has addressed the demand for customized and affordable SEO plans in the search engine optimization industry is Mr. SEO. This SEO company offers comprehensive monthly SEO packages that are uniquely tailored for each client.

Mr. SEO already incorporates crucial SEO components during the web design phase. This is done to ensure that SEO efforts do not function merely as stopgaps but are actually deep-rooted in the website design.

There are many ways in which Mr. SEO provides SEO services that small businesses in California need today. For starters, this SEO firm offers targeted local SEO.

Local SEO is a growing trend in search engine marketing, and its effectiveness is very obvious. The goal of local SEO is not to tap the global market but rather, those potential customers living in the area where the business is located.

For example, if a real estate agency wants to reach out to homebuyers in certain areas in California, such as San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Cruz, then they would have to have customized San Francisco SEO plans, San Jose SEO plans and Santa Cruz SEO plans, respectively. To make get the best results, they have to customize their strategies to specifically target those areas, and not necessarily the entire state.

Targeted SEO can also considerably lessen the cost of search engine marketing. This is because you will not focus your SEO efforts on trying to outrank large, multinational businesses.

Various industries and niches also have very different demands and requirements, and this applies to their SEO needs as well. A small business SEO consultant must be able to assess the current situation in the client’s niche, instead of relying on standardized SEO plans that were formulated years ago and are likely no longer effective today.

Due to the growing interest in customized SEO plans, companies like Mr. SEO are poised to grab a lion’s share of the SEO industry for many years to come and for good reason.

Small business owners who would like to boost their online presence can engage their services and take advantage of tailor made SEO solutions to suit their needs.

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Mr. SEO is a leading provider of custom SEO plans for many types of businesses. They cater to businesses that require San Francisco SEO, San Jose SEO and Santa Cruz SEO. They offer a wide range of unique SEO packages that have been created based on the precise needs and preferences of each client. Communications with clients are also done via phone and Skype instead of the usual email reports. Such efforts enable Mr. SEO to address their client’s questions and concerns right away.

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