California Woman Steps Forward and Expands the #MeToo Movement to Take on a Bank via Crowdfunding

Small Business Owner Breaks Her Silence After Saving Her Business and Keeping Her Workers Employed.


Culver City, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/08/2019 --Evelyn is a small business owner in Ventura County, California. During a financing application process for her business, the bank vice president in charge of the financing negotiation sexually assaulted Evelyn.

Evelyn had to stay silent so she wouldn't risk financial ruin, ultimately losing her business and laying off all her employees. Once Evelyn successfully secured the loan she needed to survive from another bank and her business got the funds it desperately needed, she broke her silence to expose her assailant.

In August 2018, Evelyn lodged a complaint against her assailant with the Culver City Police Dept. The case was sent to the Culver City District Attorney's Office (DA) for prosecution. After six months of relentlessly following up with the DA's office, she was notified that the DA declined to prosecute the case against the person who sexually assaulted her, but suggested she should "just avoid that bank" or "just avoid that loan officer".

Since the criminal legal system denied her any access to justice, Evelyn is now turning to civil court. She has just filed a complaint with the Superior Court suing the bank and the loan officer who sexually assaulted her. As everyone knows, banks have all the money but Evelyn does not.

She is turning to the public for support to level the playing field with the bank, and probably its insurance carrier, to bring the assailant to justice.

High profile lawsuits like this can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and plaintiffs like Evelyn usually end up losing their cases only because they run out of money and can't afford to match the defendants' spending power.

Everyone with a sense of justice is encouraged to donate to Evelyn's GoFundMe campaign or help out in any possible way. Any funds left over will be donated to a charitable organization that Evelyn will set up to help other trauma victims.

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