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Call Israel Expands Israeli SIM Card and Phone Rental Services for Israel


Temecula, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/14/2017 --Temecula-based telecom provider Call Israel is expanding its unlimited Israeli SIM card and phone rental for Israel with more destinations in Europe for calls and data, specially designed for travelers who visit Israel and Europe on the same trip. Big punch … This is the same 'Call Israel' popular SIM card for Israel with Europe added on it. In one unlimited package, with one flat rate, for the fraction of the big carrier's roaming rates.

Travelers in Israel that are passing through Europe in the same trip don't have to give up any more on mobile service in Europe. They also don't have to inconveniently pay higher rates for their time in Europe. Now with, they get them both, whether they rent a SIM card for Israel or a phone for Israel in one package.

Since it debuted, Mobile phone rental and SIM card for Israel travelers in early 2013 with Unlimited Calls, Data and text messages in Israel, Call Israel keeps innovating the market with new features and services. SIM or phone package in Israel includes also unlimited calls from Israel to the United States and Canada with no extra charge. Call Israel SIM card, was the first provider to offer an unlimited everything mobile phone service with a small daily fee. No need to count minutes, text, or data that was a big thing. Adding on that a coverage in Europe makes the package even more attractive, for those travelers that passing through Europe on the same trip. Imagine being in London Paris Prague or Athens, and being able to stay connected with data and calls, this is a big relief. Once landed in Israel, the phone is still connected, with the same numbers. What's more? Every Israeli SIM card includes an American or Canadian number, so family and friends calling a local number and phone will ring either in Israel or Europe, with no extra charge, on an unlimited basis.

"Travelers don't have to change their habits when it comes to mobile phone usage only because they're traveling to another country," says Call Israel co-founder, Eran Riban. "Roaming shouldn't be an expensive service, the idea is to simplify the service so travelers in Israel and Europe would enjoy themselves with unlimited mobile phone service in Israel and Europe in one package. For the most affordable rate, you can possibly get. People these days are heavily attached to their phone, and since Israel is quite a flight, many choose to take advantage of Europe on the same trip, this add value was designed for them."

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About Call Israel
Call Israel was established in 2008 in Calabasas, California with its first product the Call Israel Phone Card. The product allows people around the world with affordable and convenient service for making calls to Israel. since then Call Israel provides users with long distance calls, office phone systems, and cellular phone service in multiple countries.

Eran Riban
Co-Founder, Call Isreal