Itellas Communications

Itellas Communications Becomes First Caller ID Spoofing Company Named in News International Phone Hacking Scandal


Birmingham, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/19/2011 --Itellas Communications,, has been named as one of the companies used in the News of the World hacking scandal. Itellas Communications has denied that any person could use their Caller ID spoofing service to hack a voicemail box but sources out of the UK aren't so sure. "Itellas offers people the ability to fake their Caller ID number and that is precisely how News of the World got into all these cell phone voicemail boxes" said Steve Ipsey, a UK private investigator hired by the Parliament to find out how News of the World got their information. We have good information that suggests that some of the reporters used a mobile application downloaded directly from, a product licensed by Itellas Communications, to hack the mailboxes.

Itellas Communications, the largest and most popular caller ID spoofing site in the world, has claimed that no customer of theirs was involved. "We will continue to look through all of our call logs over the last few years and report any evidence we find to the proper authorities" said SpoofPro PR Director Nelson Freeman. " is a reputable product and does not allow its customers to use its spoofing service for nefarious purposes."

Itellas Communications and have said they are committed to ensuring that criminals cannot use their services to facilitate crimes. "Since we are the world leader in caller ID spoofing, we feel we have a certain obligation to the general public to ensure that people cannot use our service to facilitate illegal, unethical or immoral behavior." said Jeff Greene, Itellas VP of Customer Relations. "We keep all call logs and we vow to find out once and for all if News of the World employees did in fact use Itellas Communications or SpoofPro to hack into voicemail boxes of various victims. We do not advertise our service as a way to hack voicemails or harass people and will be sure to keep a close watch going forward to ensure that people that use our service for this type of behavior are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.” Greene said. “It is one thing to make prank calls to friends for a laugh. It is something altogether different to use our service in ways similar to how News of the World used the service."