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Calming Conversations a Free Special Live Streaming Event Recording Now Available

A New Approach to Discovering Calm Released to Communities on New Site


Sydney, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2020 --Conversations of inspiration to help change thinking, feelings and decision making, bringing calming conversations to communities. A free special live streaming event covering calming conversation topics took place on Monday 30 March 2020, with question and answer sessions.

The recording can be viewed by visiting:

"In these turbulent times, can I step into the eye of the cyclone?" said Allan Parker (OAM), Micro-Behavioural Scientist and Applied Neuroscientist. "Or alternately, can I be floating in the clouds above the cyclone watching what's going on, free of the turmoil? And looking far enough ahead, to foresee how to stay out of the path of the cyclone?"

"As a leader, it is more important than ever to communicate during a crisis," said Major Matina Jewell (Ret'd), International Keynote Speaker and Leadership Strategist. "This provides the best chance to go through as a functioning, cohesive team, capable of moving forward together."

A joint initiative by Parker and Jewell, the new Calming Conversations platform provides:

- A free video series of conversations with topics ranging from mindset and resilience, to leadership and decision making through challenging times which are particularly beneficial when working from home.
- Parker's evidence-based research is translated into practical tools to help thrive through everyday challenges for calming conversations with children, family, friends and colleagues.
- Jewell's stories from war zones provide perspective and show how to maintain composure through this sudden health, economic and social crises.

The free video series can be viewed by visiting:

For more information on Calming Conversations, visit:

About Calming Conversations
Calming Conversations offers a new approach to discovering calm, where engaging stories are unpacked with applied neuroscience to help with the conversations and micro-behaviours to get through as a community, together.

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