Canada's Top E&P Producers Are Choosing Aucerna Software

E&P planning software provider now trusted by 85% of Canada’s top producers


Calgary, AB -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/22/2020 --As of January 2020, 85%(*1) of Canada's top oil and gas producers have chosen Aucerna for planning, operations and reserves software solutions, according to the company.

Aucerna (, is the oil and gas industry's leading provider of front office E&P software. Their portfolio of integrated solutions includes software like Val Nav, Canada's most trusted economics and reserves software, and Aucerna Execute, their next generation, cloud-based platform for integrated capital management and operational planning.

Aucerna co-founder and CEO, Wayne Sim, credits the evolving industry landscape, and the company's unwavering E&P focus for their success. "Canadian energy companies have faced significant headwinds over the past 5 years", said Wayne. "Industry leaders have come to the realization that we cannot do the same amount of work, in the same way, with fewer resources, and still expect to succeed. Operators need to transform the way they do business."

Wayne Sim went on to say, "Aucerna is devoted to digital transformation in upstream oil and gas. It's not just a buzz word anymore, it's a priority, and Aucerna is leading the charge."

For more than a decade, Aucerna has focused its significant R&D investment on producing innovative software backed by unmatched industry expertise and customer service. Today, the Calgary based company offers the world's most complete, digital platform for E&P operators.

Although Aucerna is an undeniable Canadian success story, their solutions have attracted operators across the globe. Today, every one of the world's top ten independent oil companies trust Aucerna software for critical petroleum planning needs.

"Our solutions are enabling energy companies to thrive, despite industry volatility, by connecting planning and resources to execution and operational realities", said Sim. "The Aucerna team has a visible passion for the business of energy. Serving energy companies is all we do, and no one does it better."

*1 – Based on "DOB Top Operators 2019, by KPMG, Aucerna proprietary data, and The Oil Week Top 100 Companies Canadian Production July 2019