Sheldon Charron

Canadian Actor Sheldon Charron, Scores in Hollywood with String of Roles on AMC, TLC & SpikeTV

Hell On Wheels, Tattoo Nightmares, Deadly Pursuit and Outrageous 911 Calls are just some of Sheldon Charron’s recent acting credits. “He hasn't been in LA long - but seems he's blowing up.” - Director Greg Francis.


Hollywood, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/23/2014 --“Working on Outrageous 911 Calls was a ton of fun. We were given a lot of freedom to improvise and who doesn’t love that? Plus everyone single member of the crew was fantastic, especially the director, Greg Francis.” says Charron.

Greg Francis has worked with a lot of actors, but Sheldon Charron was a stand out. “Sheldon was a really great actor. Way better than what our show deserved. I just got to sit back and watch.” says Francis, who tried several times to get Sheldon Charron back on his show later in the season. “He just kept booking better paying gigs.  He hasn't been in LA long, but seems he's blowing up.”

David Gott, a commercial director, cast Charron in his iPad screen commercial. “His acting first caught my attention because of his naturalism and spot on comedic timing. Sheldon is that rare breed of actor that possesses that extra something – call it charisma, star quality, whatever you want…he has it.”

Sheldon Charron just finished working on Season 4 of Hell On Wheels and is anxious to move on to even bigger challenges, like a series regular role on a TV show. “Something with a lot of emotional or psychological diversity, preferably something shooting in Canada. I’ll work anywhere, but if I can live and work in Canada part time, that would be ideal. Being a working actor. That’s my dream.”

Director Greg Francis had this to add about Sheldon Charron. “Trust me. You want this guy on your show.”

About Sheldon Charron
Sheldon Charron was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A country boy who lived on a ranch just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Charron was the CEO and Creative Director for a successful advertising agency. After his father passed away in 2006, Charron decided to follow his dream of becoming an actor and writer. In 2010, he sold everything he owned and moved to Vancouver, then to Los Angeles part-time. In 2014, he married his California girlfriend. They live in Los Angeles and also maintain a residence in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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About Greg Francis
Greg Francis is writer, producer and director. He’s the series director for Outrageous 911 Calls and A Haunting. He recently wrapped production on the feature film Poker Night, a thriller that he wrote and directed. Poker Night filmed in Victoria, BC. Greg Francis lives in Los Angeles, CA.
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About Outrageous 911 Calls
Outrageous 911 Calls re-enacts actual 911 calls and airs Wednesday nights at 9pm Central on TLC.
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