Launches New, Free Daily Video Newsletter for Canadian Investors, a leading stock market timing service published by Stephen Whiteside, has launched Canadian Stock Market Trends, a FREE daily online video newsletter for investors focused on the Canadian stock market.


Toronto, Ontario -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2013 gives investors access to Stephen Whiteside’s proprietary technical analysis tools, and focuses on providing technical information to help investors find low-risk opportunities, avoid high-risk situations, anticipate trend changes, set price targets, manage risk, and follow the Smart Money.

Canadian Stock Market Trends offers FREE proprietary trend analysis, price targets, and early warning signals for the TSX and the major sector indices, plus major commodities, including copper, gold, silver, crude oil, and natural gas.

"Investing has become very stressful as investors are overwhelmed with news and information. Our goal is to help dramatically reduce the stress and help investors make better decisions using our proprietary technical analysis, and in just under 7 minutes per day," said Stephen Whiteside.

"While the mathematics of our underlining analysis is complicated, our charts are simple to understand. We want to Buy Stocks when our charts are Blue and Sell Stocks when our charts are Red."

"This video newsletter is focused on following the money, and not reacting to the latest news, rumors or market hype”. We are not focusing on what could happen, but what is happening." is an information service for investors and traders, and does not provide recommendations to either buy or sell securities. Further information regarding can be obtained from its website:

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