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Canary Learning Enhances CanaryFlow with Their Revolutionary Teacher Collaboration Tool CanaryShare


Los Altos, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/16/2015 --Canary Learning announced its new teacher collaboration tool, CanaryShare. Canary Learning is the maker of the classroom workflow and collaboration tool, CanaryFlow. CanaryShare is available both in the iOS CanaryFlow application and on any browser.

CanaryShare provides teachers the opportunity to work in five distinctly different ways:

- Teachers-aides: Aides and classroom volunteers can login into their own devices to see students, lessons and materials for a class, allowing them to help grade papers or walk students through assignments without the ability to change any of the materials.

- Substitute teachers: Share a class with a short-term substitute to provide access to scheduled lessons and the ability to collect and grade homework. Substitutes can even push a due date to tomorrow, but they won't be able to alter the course materials or the class schedule. With one button, the substitute can be unshared, ensuring that none of the classroom data leaves with the substitute.

- Co-curriculum development: Enables teachers to share courses with their teams, allowing each teacher equal opportunity to mark up, change and adjust course curriculum.

- Co-teaching: Both teachers can access and edit course material as well as view all the students in class. Teachers can split grading responsibilities and interact with students. Teachers share a common workflow providing visibility into student behavior on days they are not in class, allowing for a seamless handoff between teachers.

- Centralized content distribution: A curriculum director or a department chair can create and share centralized content repositories that are automatically visible to all shared users. Teachers can seamlessly pull content from the repository into their courses.

"This is the first tool of its kind." Says David Vogt, Chief Technical Officer, Canary Learning. "With a single click teachers can securely collaborate with substitutes, aides and collogues. Equally important, class and student data can be unshared just as easily, ensuring security of student data. This transcends file and folder sharing – it's about working together, not sharing files."

CanaryShare is the latest enterprise feature of CanaryFlow, but teachers who create a free CanaryFlow account before October 15th will get access to CanaryShare at no cost for the 2015/16 school year. Click here to sign up

Canary Learning wants everyone collaborating with CanaryFlow.

About Canary Learning, Inc.
Canary Learning, Inc., headquartered in Los Altos, CA, is the developer of an innovative classroom workflow management platform for K-12 classrooms. CanaryFlow enables teachers to hand out materials, collect student assignments, and grade work all in one application, on any device and is available to use wherever and whenever the teachers and students need it—even offline.

CanaryFlow is available as both a free, stand-alone product for individual classrooms and teachers or as a fee-based, integrated enterprise solutions for schools and districts.

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