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Cancer "Super Drug" Company Launches Social Media


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2013 --Kalos Therapeutics released its live version of Facebook this past week and quickly became one of the fastest growing social media sites for a cancer biotech company.

George Colberg, CEO of Kalos Therapeutics, wanted a way to communicate daily with individuals and families that have been touched by the very forms of cancer that he is dedicated to fighting. “We get emails daily from people that have just been diagnosed with cancer or their family members asking us to help them find the latest information on treatment and clinical trials that might be relevant for them. They are desperate for answers and information on cancer in general as well as updates on our new “Growth Blocking Super Drug” and social media is the answer” says Mr. Colberg.

Kalos Therapeutics is well regarded in the pharmaceutical / biotech world as recruiting the best of the best to develop their patented drugs and unique delivery systems. Having world class team members such as Stand Up To Cancer dream team leader Dr. Daniel Von Hoff and Pfizer’s former senior research scientist Dr. Michael Kozlowski have allowed for massive advancement in cancer drug development. As part of Kalos’ strategy to “think outside the box” they enlisted the services of another pharmaceutical company to develop an advanced integration between the Kalos website, Facebook and YouTube channel. “Kalos is blessed to have the resources and connections with other large pharmaceutical companies including Gentech Pharmaceutical whom we engaged to design and develop our online presence” said Colberg.


Kalos is currently one of the most likely drug companies to develop the holy grail of cancer drugs – or the “Super Drug”.

The “Super Drug” in the cancer world refers to a drug that may be used to treat multiple types of cancer and their various strains while avoiding the additional trauma often caused by chemotherapy, radiation and many of the current cancer drugs.

“Kalos has successfully leveraged the natural antiproliferative activity of the Atrial Natriuretic Peptide (ANP) family of peptides in our patented Kalos Motif (s) demonstrating never before seen anti-cancer growth properties” says CEO, George Colberg.

Kalos’ drug shows remarkably broad anti-cancer activity, including inhibition of pancreatic, lung, prostate, breast, ovarian, colon, and melanoma cells in culture and of pancreatic, breast, and lung cancer tumors in models of human cancer.

About Kalos Therapeutics
Kalos Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes proprietary product candidates primarily for the treatment of cancer and age related diseases. The ANP family of peptides represents a portfolio from which many therapeutics can be developed addressing multiple indications within cancer, age related diseases and non-malignant hyper proliferative disorders.

More information can be found on Kalos' web site at http://www.kalostherapeutics.com