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Canines and Bed Bug Detection - the Latest in Technology

Environmental Heat Solutions offers a new, cost-effective service to their customers with Canine Bed Bug Detection


Purcellville, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/17/2016 --The use of canines in the treatment of bed bugs is becoming more and more popular. Environmental Heat Solutions offers this new technology to its customers.

Dogs that have been specially trained can detect live or dead bed bugs quickly and efficiently. Professional trainers work with the dogs by teaching them to identify the different odors emitted in each stage of life--and death--of bed bugs. Dogs are well known for their keen sense of smell. Once they have learned the different odors of the bed bugs and various techniques for locating and alerting; they are then ready to assist their handlers in bed bug elimination.

Are Canine Detection Dogs Safe to Use?

Detection dogs must be friendly, yet efficient at their work. A family's safety is a top priority. They need to know that only the best in sociable, well-mannered working dogs are coming into their home. Handlers of these well-trained animals should stay current in all techniques used in this type of bed bug detection. Optimal results can be seen with dogs that are trained only for bed bug detection.

Tested and Certified

Bed bug detection dogs go through extensive training to search out bed bugs. After completion of the training, the dogs are then tested to ensure they are experts in their unique field. Once the dog has passed the testing phase, it becomes certified by the World Detector Dog Organization (WDDO). Once both phases have been completed, the dogs are placed with one specific handler. This adds additional guaranty to the accuracy of the dog's work.

Dog Detection Offers Time and Cost Efficiency

Although using dogs as a means to detect bed bugs is relatively new, it has already proven itself in both time and cost efficiency. Using detection dogs speeds up the process of location and removing of the bugs. This not only saves valuable time in correcting the infestation, but it also reduces the need for further treatments.

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