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Capital Direct Funding Offers National Equity-Based Financing


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/14/2014 --For investors in search of a direct lender with a wider range of financing options, Capital Direct Funding of Houston, Texas is now offering lending services to all 50 states. Managing risk is always an important factor when choosing between the many divergent types of loan programs, and CDF has both the staff and the experience to provide customers with a larger selection of borrowing options.

From conventional loans to refinancing packages and bridge loans to equity financing, Capital Direct Funding is leading the way to help business owners across the country to select the right lending program which provides the maximum return with the highest levels of security. The key to long term profitability is matching incoming cash flow and revenues to outgoing expenses, balancing the two, and locating the perfect funding option that works best for each individual situation.

For businesses who are in need of a quick, lump sum of cash for refurbishments, mechanical equipment purchases, or urgent business expansions, a Business Line of Credit might be the perfect financing alternative that is often impossible to locate quickly through a traditional local banking intuition. Capital Direct Funding makes the application process fast and easy, allowing their family of borrowers to apply online and receive an answer within the hour.

Traditional bank loans and financing options can be very limited and time-consuming to acquire. To the successful business owner, “time is money”. CDF sets themselves apart by providing quick responses to questions, assigning an individual lending officer to each specific and individual case, and offering a variety of direct lender options along with some very valuable financial advice.

Capital Direct Funding believes that business owners should invest their liquid cash dollars into appreciating assets rather than in the purchase of properties that depreciate in value over time. This is a significant factor for remaining competitive in the marketplace, regardless of whether you own a single, local convenience store or a chain of luxury hotels.

CDF works with business owners in all areas of industry, including retail centers, office buildings, residential land developments, owner-occupied businesses, and larger warehouses and manufacturing plants. Each client has their own set of unique circumstances and financial histories, which is why Capital Direct Funding assigns an individual experienced lending officer to each case to ensure that the client is receiving the best financial assistance possible. Contact the 24-hour live phone center of Capital Direct Funding today at 877-273-7823 for more information.

About Capital Direct Funding
Capital Direct Funding ( has spent many years building a solid reputation within the commercial lending community. They are highly regarded as being a direct lender with honesty and integrity among many commercial brokers, investors, developers, and business clients. Their expansive network of well-respected financial brokers is always available to collaborate with the team from Capital Direct Funding in order to create the most innovative financial solutions through their professional relationships developed through their commercial loan referral program.