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Capitol Asset Recovery in Metro D.C. Receives Area's First E-Stewards Certification

Metro Washington D.C. electronics asset recovery company does its part to reduce the risk associated with discarding electronic devices. The first in the area to be awarded the E-Stewards Certification, Capitol Asset Recovery will now provide a new level of secure, eco-friendly service.


Lanham, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/05/2014 --Focused on the latest technology, not many think about what happens to the billions of electronic devices discarded annually. Not until a company like Metro Washington D.C.’s Capitol Asset Recovery raises the eco-friendly bar and formally announces why they did it. To ensure that computers and other electronic devices won’t be mined for data and destroyed haphazardly the company receives the E-Steward Certification. Recognized and mandated by federal government the new certification will provide greater accountability, new standards for security and unmatched environmental safety.

Creating rigorous requirements for the already R2 certified ITAD company, the E-Stewards Certification also provides increased customer service. Unbeknownst to most consumers, 70% of discarded electronics become two things - sources of data breaches and hazardous toxins that never disappear from the planet. Often they’re sent to American prisons whereby data can be mined. Worse, they’re sent to developing countries like China, India and Nigeria where they’re burned releasing mercury, lead, arsenic and brominated flame retardants into the air, soil and water. These toxic chemicals don’t break down over time. Instead they accumulate in the food chain and biosphere creating a significant ongoing risk to citizens globally.

Zack Boorstein, Vice President of Capitol Asset Recovery, Inc. said of the certification, “We decided we had to be a cut above to provide optimal security for our corporate and governmental agency clients. A byproduct of that commitment is that we have an impact on the environment which we all share. Our track record stands on its own. We’ve never had a customer data breach in our 26 years in business. We’re an industry leader for a reason; we take our local and global responsibility seriously.”

About Capitol Asset Recovery, Inc.
Capitol Asset Recovery, Inc. is a secure electronics recycling company that is based in Metro Washington, D.C. An industry leader in operations and certifications, the eco-friendly company is expert in handling end of life computer equipment and destroying data responsibly.

Zack Boorstein
Vice President


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