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Car Insurance Terms Defined


Archbold, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/10/2021 --Car insurance terminology can be difficult to understand for the average Joe. Beck Insurance Agency defines complex car insurance terminology, so policyholders can understand their coverage.

It's crucial for car insurance policyholders to understand their coverage. However, car insurance verbiage can be confusing, making certain concepts and coverage details a mystery to the policyholder. Beck Insurance Agency is here to change that.

The following are important car insurance concepts defined in layman's terms:

Collision Coverage- Collision coverage pays for damages and replacements of vehicles that have been subject to collisions and accidents.

Comprehensive Coverage- Comprehensive coverage protects drivers from damages caused by outlying perils such as natural disasters, theft, and more.

Premium- Car insurance premiums are the fees paid directly to insurance companies for providing car insurance coverage. These may be monthly or annual fees.

Deductible- Deductibles are expenses paid upfront for damages. These are out-of-pocket expenses and once reached, the remaining amount will be reimbursed by carriers.

Liability Coverage- Liability coverage refers to injuries and damages where the policyholder is found culpable. This form of car insurance coverage is required by law in Ohio.

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