Card Game "Murder at Blood Mansion" Launches Kickstarter Campaign July 7th

Halloween comes early this year with the launch of a new murder mystery card game Murder at Blood Mansion. The murderous game launches on Kickstarter Friday, July 7, 2017. Backers will receive their very own ghoulish game and other cool prizes!


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/07/2017 --Following Friday's launch, the card's creators are hosting a launch event on Saturday, July 8th at 6 p.m. in Glendale. Open to the public and families, this eerie event offers the chance to experience "Blood Mansion" with other gamers and listen to live music.

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The game was conceived and illustrated by powerhouse team Braden Barty and Parker Jacobs. Usually creating behind the camera, Barty has directed and produced a number of films and music videos throughout his career. His love for film started at a young age as the son of famed movie star, Billy Barty. However, his creative spirit manifested through a different medium when Barty created a card game.

"Ever since I was a kid, I loved the old board game Clue, but didn't think anyone could top it. However, after years of brainstorming different ideas, I developed Murder at Blood Mansion, a murder mystery game done better! Murder at Blood Mansion is a unique game, kind of like Clue and Exploding Kittens, had a baby. We've tested it over 500 times with great results," Barty said. "The biggest compliment anyone can offer me is when they've played a 20-30 minute full game then right away exclaim, "Let's play it again!" That's when all the hard work pays off for any game designer."

In pursuit of the best game possible, Barty teamed up with Parker Jacobs. Jacobs, the games' illustrator, also has a successful career as an Emmy-nominated artist of popular TV shows and books including "Aquabats," "Yo Gabba Gabba," and "Goon Holler." Jacobs created Blood Mansion's unique and engaging characters presented in the style of a seasoned artist.

Self-proclaimed the best murder mystery card game ever, players take on the role of a character and draw cards until someone discovers the suspect, locates the missing weapon and collects enough evidence to make an accusation. Or if it turns out you are the suspect then you must avoid capture and escape Blood Mansion. Player interaction, tactical decision making and simple-to-follow rules make this card game a family and friend favorite for many years to come.

One game reviewer loved the game so much, he couldn't stop playing. "Just a testament to the fun we had with this game; I had someone come over at 9:30 pm for a quick run through of a 3-player game. They said they could only stay for one game. We played until midnight! " Aaron Sturgill, WYLD Gaming.

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