cardbeenie Introduces Easy-Access, Minimalist Credit Card Tabs

Great for wallet and purse organization, and on-the-go convenience


Milwaukee, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/22/2018 --cardbeenie is pleased to announce the introduction of its patent-pending flagship product and brand namesake, "cardbeenies." These non-invasive, field-tested, minimalist tabs are changing the way people keep track of and access their credit cards.

cardbeenies are polycarbonate tabs, adhered to the sides of credit cards via a thin strip of semi-permanent glue. The tab-which includes a punched hole-makes it easy for users to affix their credit cards to a keyring, carabiner or organizational strap, for instant, easy access. cardbeenies are non-damaging to cards, waterproof, flexible and compatible with any traditionally-sized card-including credit cards, ID cards, membership cards and more.

Credit cards with cardbeenies affixed to them can still be easily inserted, swiped or slotted, thanks to the unencumbering design of the tab, which mimics the thickness of the credit card, adding no bulk or thickness. Durable, yet flexible polycarbonate construction also makes it easy for cards to be removed from a wallet instantly, just by pulling the appropriate cardbeenie.

Creator Kayla Storlid believes cardbeenies will deliver much-needed organization and peace of mind to anyone frustrated with managing numerous cards.

"As someone who rarely carries a purse, trying to keep track of loose cards can be a nightmare. Plus, losing credit cards or IDs because they fall out of your pocket is frankly unsafe! cardbeenies were born out of the need for a simpler way to carry cards and access them in an instant," said Storlid.

About cardbeenie
cardbeenie is poised to help reduce the burden of carrying credit cards in numerous ways. For those frustrated by trying to remove cards from a jam-packed wallet, cardbeenies will make it easier to locate and grip cards. For people seeking to cut down on "card clutter," cardbeenies make it possible to take just one or two essential cards wherever you go, affixed to your keyring. And, for people lacking pockets or a purse, the product will ensure security for cards and keys alike as it's tucked into a waistband or sock.

cardbeenies are currently in their final phase of field testing and will begin production on the heels of an upcoming Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Tabbed and color-coded concepts are also being developed and tested. Additional iterations of cardbeenies will be introduced pending the success of the Indiegogo campaign.

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