CareLK Developes Groundbreaking Fitness Monitor: Iron Heart


Nancy, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/23/2016 --With innovation in smartphone technology slowing down, people have started looking at new gadgets to play with. Fitness has become fashionable again, and fitness trackers are among the more popular ways to add functionality to your smartphone. Smartwatches are gaining traction as well, thanks to the advantages of having a second screen for your phone within easy reach. Unfortunately, smartwatches usually don't make good fitness trackers, and the fitness trackers are generally useless as smartwatches.

More problematic, some fitness trackers and smartwatches can trigger rashes, and can only be used by runners. Using a smartwatch while rowing, jumping rope or playing tennis without disturbing the training session is impossible. The other possibility is to wear smart clothes with the mobile phone to monitor, which is even more difficult. Smart clothes are expensive and for regular training it is necessary to buy at least two.

Iron heart was made in collaboration with athletes to understand their needs, that why this device is more practical with key parameters such as respiratory rate, respiratory volume, lactate concentration, maximum aerobic speed and Vo2max.

VO2max is used to refer to the maximal rate at which oxygen can be consumed during maximal metabolic stress (exercise). VO2max correlates well with endurance performance. It also correlates well with many measures of physical fitness. VO2max values tend to be greatest if the exercise performed requires a large muscle mass; the great demand for oxygen by the large active muscle mass will also require great increases in cardiac output and ventilation, as well as a redistribution of blood from inactive to active tissues. Thus, exercises that use a smaller muscle mass will yield a smaller VO2max. Therefore,VO2max is a good predictor of endurance performance.

Iron heart has its own set of sensors which has the highest accuracy compared to existing sensors which are commercially available, because medical grade sensor were used to build it. Iron heart is light weight and it is very small in size less 4 cm of diameter. This device monitors also the usual parameters distance, steps, speed, heart rate and provide the information in real time via a blue tooth headset connected with the device.

About Iron Heart
Iron heart the device from CareLK, is the first of its kind. It is a badge using voice recognition and voice reader to communicate with the user via the headset for real monitoring. Users can get their performances on a smart phone just by downloading the Iron Heart application for both IOS and android connecting it to the device via blue tooth.

The voice recognition system allow the users to select which data is important for them. No more wasting time to look for the data while training. Even better, the data can be uploaded on a web platform to be later analyzed and monitor the progress. There is also the option to plan meals, schedule future training sessions, visualize the performance and health data with a chart. For professional athletes, an interface for coach is also available for real monitoring.

By recording meals and training sessions, users have a better understanding of their performance. Finally a complete kit to monitor health and workout.

It will be presented in indiegogo for 149.99$ from the first of june.