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Car'In Liner Is a Heavy Duty Car Interior Liner for Transporting Dirty or Bulky Items in the Car


Eastport, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/14/2016 --Car'In Liner, the revolutionary new car interior liner solution for carrying bulky or dirty items in a car without dirtying or damaging it, is currently live on Kickstarter and raising fund to bring the project to life.

Car'In is the ideal solution for transporting heavy or dirty item in the trunk of SUVs or vans. With the Car'In Liner, car owners are able to protect their vehicle's interior and keeping it in perfect shape without dirtying or damaging it.

"Did you ever have to transport large or dirty items in your SUV? If so, do you remember how anxious you were about that dirty stuff (oil, grime, mud, dust, etc.) that could spill over the folded backseats or when you pushed too hard and almost ripped the ceiling fabric or your leather seats?," asks Costa Lionel, President & Managing Director of Mechanical Arts Workshop, "Well, we have a solution for you: You can keep your hatchback or SUV and fully appreciate why the "U" stands for Utility without worrying about cleaning or possibly repairing the damages (rip, tears, nicks) done to the interior, upholstery or trim parts of your car."

Car'In is a unique all-in-one solution that improves on the traditional trunk floor liners like WeatherTech™ or Husky Liners™ products to completely protect the interior of the car - from floor, to sides and ceiling and from bumper and tailgate to dashboard. It is installed in the car in less than 2 minutes using hooks and magnets and can be used to load anything leveraging its full cargo space - no need to pay afterwards for an expensive cleaning/detailing work or to repair the damages done to the car. When the job is complete, Car'In can be folded down in the same time into its integrated pouch and kept in the trunk, ready for its next use.

"The "traditional" solution that first comes to mind is to use a trailer. But it is expensive if you need to buy one (more than $1000 between the hitch, the installation and the trailer itself), then you need to store it and maintain it," adds Lionel, "Also this is not easy to use: you can't drive and park everywhere. Also, you can rent a van or a utility pick-up truck, but it means that you need to drive to and return to the rental location, so that you lose time and money."

Car'In will be produced in Michigan, USA, enabling shorter product manufacturing turnover, simpler logistics, better overall product quality and to help sustain industrial know-how in the U.S. Car'In Liner is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

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