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Carpet Cleaners in Vancouver Share 5 Stain Busting Secrets

Vancouver carpet cleaners share tricks of the trade to keep floors looking fabulous


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/18/2019 --It's inevitable. As a team of carpet cleaners in Vancouver, the technicians at Angelo's FabriClean know that eventually, despite the very best efforts, drips, spills, crumbs (or something at the bottom of someone's foot), are going to find their way to the carpet.

Sometimes these messes are benign and easily vacuumed or blotted away. But for times when it's not so easy, the technicians at Angelo's have five tricks to keep carpets looking (and smelling) fresh. For more, got to:

The tips are diverse. Different stains require different treatments. For example, a grease-cutting soap works a treat on greasy stains: "If grease or oil has found its way onto your carpets, try a grease-cutting dish soap like Palmolive. Dilute a drop or two into a cup of water, put it in a bottle and spray directly onto the stain. Then blot up the moisture. Multiple applications may be necessary for a stain that's large or already set."

Other tips include using shaving cream to treat common stains, using the blotting technique, treating bloodstains with hydrogen peroxide, and regularly steam cleaning carpets to extract deeply rooted dirt and debris.

As professional carpet cleaning technicians, the team members at Angelo's FabriClean are fully trained and experienced in the proper cleaning, deodorizing, and protecting of all types of carpets. The cleaning solutions and high-pressure steam-extraction equipment reach deep into carpet fibres to extract dirt and allergens harboured deep within.

Angelo's FabriClean Vancouver also prioritizes eco-friendly and sustainable practices and uses green products and the most natural cleaning processes available today. With non-toxic, highly effective cleaning solutions, Angelo's FabriClean is a reliable service for homes with children and pets.

To schedule a carpet cleaning in Vancouver or to request an estimate, visit Angelo's FabriClean at or call (604) 421-1855.

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