CarVi Driving Assistant Reaches Indiegogo Fundraising Goal

An Indiegogo campaign for the CarVi Next Generation Driving Assistant, which monitors the road with a camera and tracks the driver’s activity, has exceeded its fundraising goal of $100,000.


San Jose, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/06/2015 --CarVi, a Silicon Valley technology company, has revealed the CarVi Next Generation Driving Assistant and its successful fundraising campaign on As of March 31, the campaign exceeded its original goal of $100,000. Nonetheless, the product can still be purchased through the fundraising website while people can continue to express their support through comments and social media.

The campaign was started on February 3 to help fund the design, production, certification, shipping, and merchant fees. CarVi is a disc-shaped unit that includes a camera and monitoring system to promote driver safety. The integral dashboard camera, lane departure warning system, forward collision warning system, and audio voice warnings are complimented by Wi-Fi connections to the user's smart phone.

Other functions include recording the driver's route and travel time. A shock sensor to trigger event recording is built in as well. In addition, users can adjust warning times and time to collision alerts.

The unit fixes to the interior of the car's windshield. CarVi provides many features for enhancing driving safety, including:

- Monitoring vehicle position within a lane and in relation to nearby automobiles.

- Measuring distance between vehicles, with notifications of close proximity and when the driver is at a safe distance.

- Notifying drivers of reckless patterns and hard braking.

- Displaying driving data that shows when a driver performed well and areas for improvement. A smartphone app helps users analyze their daily activity.

The product can serve as an aid for anyone to improve their driving habits. It also works as a training aid for drivers as young as 16, who are more at risk of an accident during their first year of driving.

Also, the driving assistant has had a great deal of support on social media. On Twitter the company has gained a following and support from those such as RoadAwareness,, Automotive News, Safety Center, and more. Even on the fundraising campaign website, comments have included:

"I love to drive and I feel that CarVi can help me improve my skills…"
"I'm so thrilled something like this is available now. Saving lives on the road!"

The CarVi Indiegogo campaign ran from February 3 to March 20, allowing contributors to participate and receive various rewards based on their donations. To learn more about the product, go to Additional details can be found at

About CarVi
CarVi is a Silicon Valley technology company started by computer vision-based technology developer Kevin Eunsu Lee and automobile industry expert Dr. Nack Y. Cho. The company is focused on creating affordable, safety oriented products for automobiles. It designs, develops, and implements value-added products with customized algorithms, making the organization an innovator in driver safety.

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