Cash Advance Laws Allow Consumers Flexibility for Maintaining the Home Educates Consumers on Using Cash Advances for Home Maintenance and Repairs


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/28/2011 --It’s not uncommon for consumers to find themselves short on funds in this tough economic market, but that doesn’t mean that home maintenance and repairs should be ignored. With cash advance loans, consumers are able to maintain their homes without putting themselves into further debt. Payday loans are the perfect solution, as they’re easy to obtain and the right fit for personal, short-term situations.

The Cash Advance Network firmly believes that cash advance loans should allow consumers financial freedom, especially when it comes to home maintenance and repairs. After all, no one should be stuck without necessary appliances or ignore issues around the home that can pose further problems. That said, wants to educate consumers on the rules and regulations that exist with quick cash scenarios.

At this time, is the only cash advance network that provides specific information on payday loans. Since the laws that govern payday loans differ between states, misinformation often occurs and written agreements between lenders and borrowers are often misunderstood. is committed to educating borrowers so that they can determine whether a cash advance is right for them.

This information is designed to give consumers more control over their financial futures and be able to handle personal matters that would otherwise be put on hold. Home maintenance and repairs are essential to the functioning and safety of the home, which is why payday loans can offer a temporary financial solution to taking care of these problems.

Although states vary on the maximum loan amount and loan period, payday loans are intended for short periods of time and for small amounts of money. The majority of states has a cap of $500 and allows loans to be taken out for a period of two weeks, which is the lapse between paychecks. Cash advances are to be handled responsibly and not abused, which means borrowers need to pay back the loan on time.