Sponsors Fort Harrod Beef Festival to Support the Local Economy of Harrodsburg, Kentucky


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/30/2013, one of the leaders in quick and easy online pay day loans, proudly announced this week that they would be supporting the Fort Harrod Beef Festival.

Acting as a Bronze Level Sponsor for the event, will be helping bring together the community in Harrodsburg, Kentucky for the 7th annual festival. An event that boasts a weekend full of activities for all age groups, from arts and crafts, a 5K run, live music, and of course some delicious meals featuring burgers grilled on site as well as beef cuisine from local restaurants, the Fort Harrod Beef Festival is a well-loved staple in the lives of Harrodsburg residents and people across Kentucky.

But more than just a fun and exciting event for families, the festival is also a celebration of Kentucky’s beef industry, an institution that provides countless jobs and serves as the backbone of the local economy. The activities will include an educational spin, all centered around what the festival’s website calls “a delicious array of beef.” With Kentucky ranking as the largest beef cattle producing state east of Mississippi, the event will be educating the public about the production, distribution, and selling of beef from the local farms to the marketplace. knows how important these kinds of events are to communities all over America, especially in times of economic uncertainty. As a spokesperson for the company explained, “With phrases like ‘recession,’ ‘fiscal cliff,’ and ‘sequester’ getting a lot of airtime in the national and local news circuits, Americans are increasingly concerned about their jobs and incomes. is a company that works to provide people with the peace of mind they need when it comes to their finances, and our simple pay day loans offer economic security for those who encounter emergency or unexpected expenses. We’re proud to sponsor the Fort Harrod Beef Festival, because in times like these, we need all the opportunities we can get to spend time with our families and our communities.”

The Fort Harrod Beef Festival will be taking place on the weekend of May 31st – June 1st, 2013. Each event at the festival, from the “Progressive Dinner” to the wine and cheese tasting, range in price, many of them being free to the public. One can find out more at

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