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CashFlowDepot Explains Why the Single Family Rental Market Is a Wise Investment

The Single Family rental market is growing and providing investors with a profitable investment opportunity


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/05/2017 --A leading real estate educational company that is providing free real estate investor training has launched a campaign to make people aware of the financial rewards the single-family rentals market provide.

CashFlowDepot, who recently announced they are providing Free instant access to Jack Miller's Foundations Of Wealth Video Series where people can learn the secrets of achieving success in real estate investing has said now is the right time to invest in real estate.

The single-family rental market has gained huge exposure in recent months due to the profits that can be achieved. According to the National Rental Home Council, the single-family rental market comprises 13 percent of all occupied housing, and 37 percent of the total rental market. According to Jackie Lange, owner of the single-family rental market will continue to grow, providing those looking for an investment with positive growth a wise market to choose.

Jackie Lange said: "Single-family Houses provides a positive investment for those looking to improve their financial security. Real estate has always been a great way to achieve a higher investment return than putting money into a bank. With the Jack Miller's Foundation of Wealth video series people with little or no experience can learn the skills and knowledge needed to take advantage of the financial rewards that real estate investing can provide."

The video series which is available by visiting provides easy to understand training on how to achieve results in real estate investing. Since being launched, the video series has helped people with no experience in the real estate industry to start investing with positive results.

The topics covered includes:

- What it takes to be successful and wealthy
- How to gain confidence & set goals
- The differences between successful & unsuccessful people
- Tools of the real estate business
- What you need to prioritize in order to succeed
- How the housing cycle works in the US
- How to get the best possible financing
- Why you shouldn't count on house appreciation
- The benefits of buying income real estate
- How to avoid personally guaranteeing debt
- Why single family homes are better than other types of investments
- Why looking at comps can be misleading
- Things to avoid when buying houses
- Understanding credit and debt
- How to get started with no money and no credit
- An overview of important real estate contracts
- How to find motivated sellers
- Why you must always be making offers
- Important clauses to include in your offers
- Tips on negotiating with sellers
- DIY home inspections
- Using lawyers, title, and escrow companies
- How to protect your assets

To learn more about single-family houses investing and to take advantage of the Free instant access to Jack Miller's Foundations Of Wealth Video series, please visit

About CashFlowDepot
CashFlowDepot, a leading real estate educational site that provides people with the information, tools, and training they need to become a success in real estate investing. They are offering Free instant access to Jack Miller's Foundations Of Wealth Video Series. The video series focuses on single-family houses, teaching people how to build wealth with little or no experience.