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Cashing in Tax Free by Leslie Pappas Goes #1 on Amazon

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Palo Alto, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/09/2016 --Leslie Pappas, Investment Advisor, Real Estate Broker, #1 International Bestselling Author, Founder of Archer Investment Advisors, and entrepreneur latest release Cashing In Tax Free: The Ultimate Guide To A Tax Free Retirement Using 1031 Exchange and DSTs (Delaware Statutory Trusts) has written Cashing In Tax Free: The Ultimate Guide To A Tax Free Retirement Using 1031 Exchange and DSTs (Delaware Statutory Trusts) for accredited investors who are looking for the perfect guide to walk through a capital gains tax deferred investment. This book is also written for professionals who work with accredited investors such as CPA's, Tax and Real Estate Attorneys and Real Estate Agents. Leslie Pappas's new bestselling book, "Cashing In Tax Free," originally released as an ebook on Amazon, is now available in paperback and will be releasing on audiobook soon.

Within these covers discover how to transition from your current real estate investments, where managing the Five Ts (toilets, tenants, trash, taxes, and termites) goes away and hands-off real estate investing begins. With DSTs you can potentially make the returns the big dogs do, in a tax-deferred investment. With Pappas' help, learn all about a capital gains tax deferred investment option, keeping retirement planning in mind. Understand the benefits, processes, and must-knows of 1031 Exchange and Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs). Learn how professional Asset and Property Managers, experienced and proven experts select, purchase, upgrade, and operate large-scale, institutional grade real estate investments working to maximize cash flow and long-term returns. This book will show readers how some firms have produced an average annual return in the range of 12% and higher over the last few decades.

The book shows the reader how the industry works, helps determine if DST's are a good fit and guides people in choosing a professional advisor. It's important to remember, not everyone holding a securities license is a real estate expert. There are few professionals in the country who specialize full-time in DST investing.

"Leslie was our agent in selling our rental house and then investing in four different 1031 properties throughout the country. She knew the real estate market in our area, knew the owners and sales teams of 1031 investment companies, knew the companies' strategies, histories and reputations, and knew the specific properties we were considering because she visits and inspects each one herself before presenting them to her clients. Perhaps most important, she knew which companies and investments to avoid and advised us accordingly.

Leslie also dealt with our very mercurial house tenant and lifted the burden of selling and investing from our family's shoulders with her honest and open approach. We made our own decisions; she educated and advised." -- Ellen and Al P.

Cashing In Tax Free also allows the reader to take a peek into the lives and portfolios of several examples as they use this strategy to boost returns and diversify their holdings for added safety. It also details more sophisticated uses of Delaware Statutory Trusts, such as sequential 1031 Exchanges, maximizing depreciation and long-term estate planning concepts. Cashing In Tax Free is the perfect place to start for any serious real estate investor who is looking to increase the value of their portfolio using investments that are potentially capital gains tax free.

About Leslie Pappas
A New York native, living in Silicon Valley for the last 25 years, Leslie Pappas, is a Certified Commercial Investment Member, a licensed investment advisor, a Registered Securities Principal DPP, a Real Estate Broker in several states, and a LEED Accredited Professional. Having over 33 years of experience, being a leading expert in investments for accredited investors, real estate and financial services, she has participated in over $2.5 billion in real estate transactions.

Responsible investors perform their own investigations before considering any and all investments.

Be advised: Delaware Statutory Trusts and 1031 Exchanges involve risk—projected returns are not guaranteed. It's recommend to view the risk section in Appendix 1 completely before moving forward using 1031 Exchange and DSTs as part of your estate building strategy or retirement planning.

It is highly recommended investors speak with a tax advisor prior to considering a 1031 Exchange and DSTs as investments.

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