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Galloway, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/16/2018 is excited to announce they have expBut that's not all.... has expanded their gecko breeder program, tortoise breeder program, as well as chameleon and ball python breeding to now offer over 8 locales of the highest quality captive bred baby panther chameleons, as well as rare designer veiled chameleons, pet geckos for sale, over 25 species of captive bred tortoises for sale, over 20 species of aquatic turtles for sale, box turtles for sale, 4 species of iguanas for sale, exotic Pacman frogs, tree frogs, tegus for sale, lizards, a variety of skinks, rare ball python morphs for sale and more.

When asked why Captive Bred Reptile, Inc. decided to increase the size and scope of the company by starting breeding programs of many other species including rare panther chameleon locales, and multiple new species of tortoise, turtle, gecko and ball pythons for sale, a company spokesman responded "our goal from day one has been to offer the highest quality 100% captive bred reptiles for sale online. We enjoy working with the large variety of species we currently breed, but our biologist wanted to start to create our own lines in regards to geckos and even panther chameleons. By bringing in a multitude of new and rare genetic morphs, we are able to create amazing color patterns on our leopard geckos, crested, gargoyle, fat-tailed geckos for sale and chahoua geckos for sale that currently do not exist in the pet gecko niche. Our biologists really do enjoy the complex genetic capabilities that come along with breeding a number of reptiles we work with.

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