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CDL 1000 INC Announces the "Uberisation" of the Trucking Industry with New Real-Time Tracking Platform

New technology from CDL 1000 is revolutionizing Intermodal-Drayage logistics by taking a hint from giants in the private transportation industry.


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/26/2019 --Working consistently to think outside the box, the Chicago-based company CDL 1000 has announced a new cutting-edge solution for the transportation of goods. Making a revolutionary move in the trucking industry, the transport/technology company offers a unique platform that not only gives customers real-time tracking updates on cargo en-route, but it records the driver's delivery feedback. Keeping tabs on how goods are handled by each client's supply chain and logistics departments, both before and after the goods get into the containers, CDL 1000 has one goal in mind. Their newly-innovated process uses technology to assure the long-awaited products reach their destination on time, safely and efficiently.

Changing the way trucking companies move and deliver, CDL 1000 has started with a focus on moving containers in the Chicago area and around the Mid-West.

Andrew Sobko, the CEO of CDL 1000 INC, said of the much-needed change, "By creating the 'Uberisation' of trucking-drayage business we are one of the top players in what we call 'The Great Trucking Revolution.' There's space for innovation in what we think is one of the most important things there is in trucking. What's been overlooked is time. While the time on the road will always be limited by the safety and the traffic laws, the processes happening before the departure and after the arrival of the trucks can still be optimized for better times and higher productivity in the supply chain. The waiting time for the trucks, when all the goods are handled by the logistics, can still bring better profits."

The CDL 1000 platform comes with a web calculator, which is a new and innovative implementation in the trucking industry. It's much like a shipping calculator for the drayage-intermodal trucking industry similar to FedEx's system just for freight forwarders. This technology gives the same price for every transportation and offers a reliable solution to keep track of miles and costs. Its features also include the ability to send and receive e-mails and phone calls.

"CDL 1000 doesn't just move freight; it moves information. The role of information is crucial in supporting our customers' operations. We want to take charge of the outcome of your transportations and leave nothing to chance," Sobko adds.

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CDL 1000 INC is an asset-based third-party logistics leader based in Chicago, Illinois.

Andrew Sobko
CEO, CDL 1000 INC.


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