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CEG Life Insurance Services Simplifies Online Life Insurance Quotes for Washington and Surrounding States Including Cities of Portland, Seattle and Tacoma WA


Kirkland, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/09/2019 --CEG Life Insurance Services, an independent agency located in Kirkland, has met the online insurance preferences by structuring online framework around current consumer preferences.

Recent studies have shown that 50% of adults have looked for life insurance quotes online. While only half of the available market does not appear significant, factoring in the proportion of adults who get life insurance through their work, the 50% seems high. The driver for most of these searches appears to be convenience.

Of course, one of the most affected groups is the Millennials. Millennials, known for their online habits, have said they prefer researching on the internet but will eventually buy from an agent. The main factor in attracting any online search, especially millennials, is the ease of navigation on the website. CEG Life Insurance Services has taken this concept into the design of their website by including no less than two ways "above the fold" in quick navigation for online life insurance quotes. The quick access also will help in another factor in the barrier to life insurance as many, especially millennials, tend to overestimate the cost of life insurance, sometimes up to five times the actual cost.

Ease of navigation in one of the many issues mentioned as benefits insurance companies can offer. Nearly three in four people mention that a simplified process would be the greatest benefit. While some factors such as the medical exam cannot be done online, simplifying the steps can be. A quick scroll after the fold on CEG Life Insurance Services' page and the five steps that are necessary are outlined. The first two steps go include the process of online life insurance quotes and can be done in the privacy of one's home. Navigation, online research and easy pricing information has been easily combined on the home page.

The next step that affects online life insurance quotes is the building of trust. Part of the benefits of online research is the anonymity and as one can imagine, online life insurance companies find it difficult to build trust with half the party deciding to remain anonymous. Luckily, respondents have responded with what it takes to build trust for online life insurance quotes - updated website and social media presence. CEG Life Insurance Services finds that social media is a great way to amplify their content, including blogs, and frequent inspirational messages. CEG Life's website includes full education on life insurance.

Another trust element is the scrolling of different logos of the companies they represent as an independent agency. While there is the option of going to a page of all the companies CEG Life represents, seeing the visual brand impact of logos, including some of the strongest names in life insurance, starts building the trust of a company that works with these other respected companies.

About CEG Life Insurance Services
Located in Kirkland, WA CEG Life Insurance Services serves the areas of Everett, Kent WA, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Tacoma WA. Since 1993, CEG Life has developed a strong network of top-rated companies, as well as a relationship with their underwriters so we can match every client to the right policy. That's the kind of professional service that experience delivers. Life insurance made easy: that's CEG Life.

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