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CelebDirect Inc. (Pink Sheets: CELI): Executing Tried and True Methods, Article Posted on


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2008 -- announces the publication of ‘CelebDirect Inc. (Pink Sheets: CELI): Executing Tried and True Methods’

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CelebDirect Inc. (Pink Sheets: CELI): Executing Tried and True Methods

”CelebDirect’s business model focuses on marketing a relatively under-reported, timely and powerful underlying trend within the unrelenting “physical fitness craze” in the United States and Canada - a trend that has exploded along with other industries catering to both the Baby Boom and aging generation-X demographics for the past 25 years…

“The trend in the in-home physical equipment industry, which has been growing at a 19.7 percent compounding clip since 1980, usually accelerates during economic slowdowns as evidenced by revenue statistics during the economic slowdowns in the early 90s and 2000s…

“Ironically, the industry’s revenues mirror the premium liquor market during tough economic times. The reasoning is that products and activities which can be consumed or participated in the home increase during unfavorable economies as consumers switch to less expensive means of consumption those in-home activities provide. The timing of CelebDirect’s launch appears to be quite advantageous as consumers switch away from fitness club memberships and toward the consumption of in-home physical exercise equipment during the current financial belt-tightening period…”

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