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Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend Right: Tips to Have Fun Responisbly & Avoid a DWI & This Weekend

Heed the Advice of a Local DWI Lawyer


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/21/2014 --Like most three-day holiday weekends, Memorial Day weekend has historically been one of the major weekends for alcohol related car fatalities in Houston. Since last year's stringent crackdown on holiday related drunk driving, it is predicted that this year's Memorial Day will be one of the top weekends for DWI arrests. Memorial Day is a sacred American holiday honoring heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. Let's honor them responsibly and graciously without drinking and driving.

DWI charges are not given every night in Houston, but during Memorial Day weekend they are. At 0.08 legal alcohol limit, it can generally take about two servings of alcohol before going over the limit if one is around 100 pounds Closer to 160 pounds and one can have closer to 3 servings. A good rule of thumb is that three servings of alcohol in rapid succession will likely put one over the legal limit, regardless of their height and weight.

Houston police will be on the streets throughout Memorial Day weekend in full force, keeping the roadways safe using saturation patrol. Police do not target only heavy drinkers or alcoholics during for DWI & DUI arrests; DWI charges target anyone who's had a couple of happy hour cocktails with friends, or a few glasses of wine with their dinner before getting behind the wheel.

A person arrested for suspicion of DWI in Texas will have their driver's license suspended for one year, minimum. If found guilty of a DWI, a conviction carries thousands of dollars in fines and penalties for a first offense before legal fees are take into account. A DWI allegation is a serious felony charge in Houston, and everywhere else in Texas. Here's a list of the fines, penalties, and enhancements associated with DWI & DUI charges in Texas:

The best way to avoid a DWI charge is to not drink and drive. Stay sober, designate a driver, and/or leave your keys at home and take a taxi. Here are a couple of tips you should consider while you are out:

- Avoid getting arrested by having a designated driver, or sign up for Uber, a new service in Houston that connects you to a driver via your phones application. You simply input your location and intended destination and Uber will text you price and ETA of your driver. Your credit card is a linked to your account when you sign up, so you don't have to worry about paying if you've lost your wallet.
- Drink one drink per hour.
- Have a glass of water every other drink.
- If you have been arrested, contact your attorney immediately, you only have 15 days to challenge the automatic suspension of your Texas Driver's License.

Enjoy the 2014 Memorial Day weekend and be safe!

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