Celebrity Trainer Oscar Smith Releases an Inspiring New Book

In the modern world, many people are beginning to feel unable and unmotivated to better their bodies and lifestyles. Here to help Oscar Smith, the owner of O-D Studio and his new book titled Natural Strength.


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/28/2017 --Today, it can feel like it is harder than ever to find the time and the motivation to go to the gym, eat healthily, and get a good nights rest all while serving other responsibilities from work and family. It can seem like no matter how hard one tries that they simply face a wall or an obstacle that they are unable to overcome. The worse of it all that it can feel like leading a healthy lifestyle is simply unattainable. However, Oscar has worked with countless individuals, helping each of them to achieve fitness success. His clientele has included supermodels like Maryna Linchuk as well as athletes like Tom Brady. These people doubtlessly have other responsibilities, but they never give up or say "I can't do this." Today Oscar wants to take some of this motivation and willpower and bring it to the masses with his latest book titled Natural Strength.

The book itself is the culmination of Oscar's experiences growing up as a gymnast, becoming a professional trainer, and opening his own training studio. Over the course of ten years, Oscar has been perfecting Natural Strength to ensure it will be the most efficient for all readers. At the core of the book, Oscar aims to encourage people to look at exercise differently. He truly believes that inside every person, there is a bit of that childhood sense of adventure that comes out when exercising and that if a person can harness this child-like joy during exercise, working out will become playful rather than a chore.

With this mindset, the book discusses various exercise paths and their individuality, encouraging readers to do what is best for them. He even goes as far as to mention in the book how different exercises work for different people saying "Do you like fishing? Yoga? Standing on your head? Go for it any activity that makes you feel good is a great place to start."

Sadly, the ten years Oscar has spent perfecting his book may be all for naught as he does not have the knowledge nor billion dollars to properly advertise and distribute his book. To remedy this issue, he has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through this campaign, interested readers can pre-order the book alongside a personal note from Oscar himself. With this support, Oscar hopes to inspire people everywhere to be the best versions of themselves they can be.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.